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Stop Suffering Through Water Damage Alone in Your Durham Residence

6/16/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Stop Suffering Through Water Damage Alone in Your Durham Residence If your water dispenser leaks it can slowly cause water damage if no one notices. Contact SERVPRO today for water damage remediation assistance.

Leaking Water Bottles can Create Localized Water Damage in Your Durham Home

Temperature changes rarely cause problems with the plastics used in food packaging, including water bottles. Large bottles come in a sturdier grade than personal sized bottles, leading many to assume they are indestructible. However, containers can get broken along their seams if mishandled. Allowing your children to use a case of unopened bottles as a make-shift table or seat for friends while marathon gaming at your Durham residence can become problematic.

Cleaning your Durham home's floors after guests leave can alert you to water damage from leaky bottles before it becomes severe. A two-liter bottle of water that leaks all over your floor might seem unimportant to your teens, so they never tell you what happened while letting the water soak into the carpet and floor underneath. Water spreads both horizontally and down, and if more than one bottle leaked, the damage multiplies even more rapidly.

Drinking water like this remains clean and calling SERVPRO as soon as you find localized water drenching your carpet can save you the expense of replacing your floor covering. We can extract the lost water to protect both carpet and pad, as well as prevent any delamination from occurring.

To prevent stains or discoloration, our specialists can clean the entire area to remove soil and allow the carpet to dry evenly. This prevents water marks from showing up once the drying process completes. To make this happen faster, we can place an air mover so the carpet dries. Air movers also promote even drying across the surface.

When thicker padding exists under the carpet, we can use our weighted claw device, which compresses the fluid saturating the dense pad while simultaneously using a pump to extract the water. We perform this before cleaning the carpet, as doing so saves time later when extracting the water during routine carpet cleaning tasks.

SERVPRO of North Durham carries out mitigation and restoration of carpets and other flooring types in residential settings throughout Bahama, Upland, and Weaver after water damage events occur. Your home does not require a deluge of water to need professional services. Call us to make sure your home stays protected. Our 24-hour service line is (919) 467-0880, and is answered every day of the year, including weekends and holidays.

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Our Flood Damage Technicians Discuss Our Black Water Procedure For Your Durham Home

5/29/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Flood Damage Technicians Discuss Our Black Water Procedure For Your Durham Home Black water emergencies require specialist training and remediation procedure.

Black Water Flood Damage Procedure For Durham Homeowners

Contaminated flood waters can pose a severe risk to your health and require special cleaning procedures from a dedicated professional. A scenario involving contaminated water- also known as black water- could be the result of an external situation like road overflow or an internal one like a backed up open sewer point. Both types require personal protective equipment (PPE) to remediate damages safely.

Homeowners who need help with flood damage in Durham can rely on our out of hours technicians for assistance. On arrival, SERVPRO can immediately get to work securing the job site. Securing the site involves eliminating safety hazards as well as containing the area of damage by setting up physical barriers. Once the quarantine zone is established, only persons wearing appropriate PPE like full-body suits, respirators, and eye protection can enter.

The first step in dealing with a contained black water emergency is to disinfect the site thoroughly. SERVPRO provides technicians with a full range of EPA registered disinfectants. Using shovels, we can begin to remove debris as well as standing silts from the property. Since some of these materials may be considered biohazardous waste, our technicians handle the removal, packaging, and disposal of waste from start to finish.

Contaminated water migrates rapidly so thoroughly drying excess water from carpets using industrial grade extractors is the next step. Once your SERVPRO technician is satisfied that all harmful waste is removed and the area adequately dried, we can conduct a thorough safety inspection to decide which materials are salvageable and which are not.

Generally speaking, a black water flood situation means that the majority of items must be replaced rather than restored. Non-porous structural contents can be pressure washed and disinfected onsite. Porous items like carpets, pads, or other fabrics are usually considered non-salvageable so must be disposed of in line with state and federal guidelines. At the end of service, we can speed up drying using dehumidifiers and dispose of debris at an approved waste disposal site.

Black water emergencies require specialist training and remediation procedure. Contact SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880 now.

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Why Fast Remediation is Necessary for Commercial Water Damage in Durham Retail Stores

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Why Fast Remediation is Necessary for Commercial Water Damage in Durham Retail Stores Water damage can ruin inventory and interrupt your business. SERVPRO has the experience to provide the least disruption while removing the water.

Why You Need Quick Commercial Water Removal in Your Durham Retail Store

Water can enter your retail store because of a leaky roof. Holes or tears in membranes after something falls on the roof can cause rainwater to enter a commercial building. The edges of the membrane of a roof may also become unsecured and let water into the building.  

When there’s commercial water damage in your Durham retail store, you need to take the necessary steps to lessen the effects of water. You should contact a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO to solve the issue. Our technicians have the training, equipment, and experience required to manage water loss. We respond quickly to reduce the destruction and manage the restoration project effectively.  

Water can ruin the products in stock, and you may have to discard them. It can also lead to the interruption of business operations and financial losses if you do not attend to it immediately. If the incident occurred during your store’s busiest season, then the loss of potential profits would be more significant. During such a crisis, the cash can flow out because of the costs related to repairs and the everyday expenses of your business like loan repayments, and utility bills. If you are forced to shut down your store for several days or weeks, your customers could look for the products they need elsewhere and find a retail store they like better than yours.  

Our SERVPRO technicians can inspect the affected areas and establish priorities, goals, and tasks. If there’s water on the floor, ceiling or walls, we can use equipment like wet/dry vacuums to extract it so that the areas can dry faster. Our services for handling water damage in retail stores also include drying, dehumidification, and odor removal. Our technicians perform building structural dry outs using a combination of high capacity air movers and dehumidifiers. We change the location of air movers during drying so that the surfaces can dry evenly and thoroughly. Our restoration specialists monitor and maintain proper humidity, temperature, and moisture levels during the entire process to ensure quick and complete drying.  

If you have water damage in your business premises, call SERVPRO of North Durham. You can reach us any time of the day or night at (919) 467-0880. We have the expertise to handle a water loss incident of any size.

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After A Tropical Storm Damages Your Durham Home Call Our Experts Right Away!

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage After A Tropical Storm Damages Your Durham Home Call Our Experts Right Away! You can count on us to help restore your property completely.

Tropical Storms That Can Flood Durham Homes

Tropical storms and hurricanes are unfortunate circumstances that affect homes and businesses throughout our Durham region. With the severity of these storm systems as they pass through, structural damage could result on account of strong winds and torrential rainfall. Damages to roofs, windows, siding, and even indirect damage like falling trees can give a clear pathway for disasters like flooding to begin. Water intrusion is almost impossible for homeowners to contend with on their own, so getting the right professional personnel to the scene quickly can help to reduce the overall damages your property experiences.

Contending with storm and flood damage in your Durham home starts with a fast response from our SERVPRO professionals. With an entire contracting division on our team to offer temporary emergency repairs in these damaging circumstances, we can help to stop the flow of water into your property with boarding and tarping services. While these same contractors work to fully restore and repair the damages to your home following mitigation, this can allow our professionals to get to work on extraction and drying inside of the house.

With so many structural weaknesses that can follow substantial storms passing through the area, flooding can quickly become a widespread situation for multiple homes. Our readiness for these circumstances can help us to address these damaging conditions in several locations simultaneously. We have a growing Green Fleet of service vehicles and are part of a Large Loss Recovery Team that can address even substantial loss incidents without delays.

We know that every customer values their property and wants the best possible restoration solutions when flooding begins. Our SERVPRO team arrives with state-of-the-art recovery tools to help remove standing water and to address saturation of construction materials and structural elements with our initial visit.

No matter when severe weather incidents occur in our area, you can confidently know that our SERVPRO of North Durham team is standing by for any damaging effects that this system can cause. You can count on us to help restore your property completely. Give us a call anytime you need us at (919) 467-0880.

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Take the Stress Out of Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Durham with SERVPRO

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Take the Stress Out of Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Durham with SERVPRO Even an office kitchen can cause water damage if you aren't careful enough. Contact SERVPRO for all your commercial water damage needs.

Commercial Water Removal in a Durham Insurance Agency

The day-to-day at an office can be quite busy, especially if your day is full of telephone calls and interfacing with customers shopping for insurance plans. You may stop in the restroom to wash your hands after lunch, only to find that you forgot to turn off a sink that is prone to backing up, which can leave water all over the floor of your office's restroom that seeps into the hallway carpet.

If an unexpected pipe leak causes commercial water removal in your Durham insurance agency, SERVPRO technicians are ready to come to your business to mitigate the damage and leave your office looking, as we like to say, "Like it never even happened."

Tile is a semi-porous surface that is highly resistant to water, so cleaning up your company restroom can be performed with industrial-grade wet/dry vacuums. For carpet, in cases where the padding has not begun to separate from it, our SERVPRO team can use such tools as the Rover extractor to remove water. By using the body weight of the technician, moisture can be sucked up from carpet to prevent permanent damage or delamination of your office's carpet.

After removing the water from your floors, drying can commence with the help of our centrifugal air movers and low grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers. The LGR works much like the air handler in an air conditioner and works in tandem with polyethylene sheeting laid on the carpet and taped down to channel moist air to an exit point, such as a window. Moisture is evaporated into the air by air movers and continually replaced with dry air from the dehumidifiers. Our technicians can monitor the drying process carefully, particularly with carpet, using a variety of tools including moisture sensors and thermo-hygrometers.

SERVPRO of Durham is ready to help you with any size disaster. If you need our services to restore your commercial facility after suffering water damage, give us a call today at (603) 868-3343.

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Read This to Change How You View Water Damage Remediation in Durham

4/30/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Read This to Change How You View Water Damage Remediation in Durham Don't stress like this dealing with water damage in your home. Contact SERVPRO today to help you.

SERVPRO Handles Water Damage in Durham from an Aquarium Accident

Aquariums are a fun hobby many people enjoy. They range from the small five gallon tanks to large saltwater installations that can take up entire wall spaces. An aquarium can also be a potential source of water damage in a home.

When SERVPRO was called to mitigate water damage in a Gorman basement where the slate bottom from a 20-gallon aquarium had cracked and failed, aquarium water may look clear in the tank but once it is on the floor, the debris, uneaten food, aquarium residents and foul odor make it clear this is a gray water cleanup. The homeowner had quickly picked up the fish and relocated them; however, gravel and water remained on the basement floor.

Our local emergency response team arrived within four hours of the initial call to start the cleanup. SERVPRO technicians quickly extracted the water from the concrete basement floor and scooped up the gravel and debris. The area rug was removed for drying and disinfecting outside the work site.

Concrete is porous, and during drying, the air movers cause water vapor that has wicked into the concrete to rise and dry as a white residue that is easily brushed off. Once the affected floor area was dry, our technicians disinfected the flooring with our EPA-registered cleaners.

After a water loss such as this, more robust deodorization methods are sometimes needed. We have several methods such as gel pellets for covering odors and equipment such as hydroxyl generators which neutralize odors at the molecular level. Since the concrete seemed to be where the odor was emanating from, our technician chose to use ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging to eliminate the odor. This is a solvent or water-based deodorizer delivered as a wet, dense fog that penetrates in the same way the water initially did.

SERVPRO of North Durham is available 24-hours a day at (919) 467-0880 to come to your home and mitigate any size water loss event and make it "Like it never even happened."

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Don't Panic Our Fire Damage Technicians Can Restore Your Durham Banquet Hall

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Don't Panic Our Fire Damage Technicians Can Restore Your Durham Banquet Hall Call our emergency response team at (919) 467-0880 for immediate help.

The Wedding Is On - Fire Damage In Durham Banquet Hall Cleanup By SERVPRO

When planning a major life event such as a wedding, it is nerve-wracking enough to plan and get ready without finding out there might be a delay due to fire damage to the banquet hall where the reception is planned.

SERVPRO was contacted just before midnight to mitigate commercial fire damage to a Durham banquet hall. The owner had leased the venue to a 40th birthday party, and although only electric candles were allowed, the patrons had used traditional candles, and a fire had started when a table was pushed too close to a wall and hanging decorative fabrics ignited. The fire was quickly extinguished, and the fire contained to a single corner of the room, but the charred wall, strong smell and fire extinguisher residue needed to be cleaned before the next scheduled event: a bridal reception dinner.

Our emergency response team arrived within hours ready to go to work. We removed the charred sheetrock and debris as they cannot be restored and can cause odor. As a precaution to stop soot and smoke residue cross-contamination, SERVPRO techs set up containment around the area. Fire extinguishers leave a dry, powder-like residue that also has a strong odor. Our technicians removed the fine powder coating the area using handheld vacuums with HEPA filters.

The hall owner was concerned about the smell from the fire being noticeable in the room and causing a loss of customers. We used an air scrubber to capture odor-causing particles. Afterward, the technicians wiped down all affected surfaces to neutralize smoke residues and odor. Luckily, the paint on the walls was a high gloss enamel and cleaned quickly. Once done, SERVPRO technicians did a walk through with the owner to ensure we the damage from the fire was restored to his satisfaction and no lingering odors remained.

SERVPRO of North Durham knows commercial fire damage can hurt your business and needs professional assistance to turn it around. Call our emergency response team at (919) 467-0880 for immediate help.

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After A Fire, Contact Our Crew To Restore Your Home In Durham To Pre-Damage Condition!

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage After A Fire, Contact Our Crew To Restore Your Home In Durham To Pre-Damage Condition! The sooner you call us at (919) 467-0880 the better, as any settled smoke and soot can continue to create additional damage.

Fire Damage Restoration In Your Durham Home

Fires are often in the news and are not all that uncommon. To keep your home in Durham safe, there are things you can do to protect you and your family. When you set aside some time to make a plan and go over some fire safety tips with everyone in your home, you can help prevent a disaster before one starts.

When you’ve gone through a fire in your Durham home, it is overwhelming, no matter how severe the fire damage is. At SERVPRO, we understand this is a stressful time, and we want to help in any way we can. As a professional remediation company, we can assist you in restoring your home fast so you can get back to life as normal and begin to put the disaster behind you.

To help keep you and your family safe, you should start by ensuring that you have enough fire detectors in your home and that they are all working correctly. There are two main types – photoelectric and ionization. The photoelectric fire detectors work to detect a smoldering fire, while the ionization works better to detect flames. Many experts recommend you have both types, but whichever you decide upon, it is a good idea to make sure they are interconnected.

When the smoke has settled on your walls and ceilings from a fire, SERVPRO technicians have different procedures we use to clean it up right. For all types of ceilings that have non-grease-based soiling with light-to-medium damage, we use a dry cleaning sponge. It can also be used to pre-clean non-grease-based soils in excess before we wet clean. Wet cleaning is used on metal, painted, or wood ceilings that have heavy dry soot or ash residue or residues which are light-to-heavy and oil-based.

Lastly, we can use peroxide active cleaning to clean acoustical or other porous and nonporous ceilings, especially ones which have heavy nicotine and tar soiling. Ceilings that are blown and textured could have their coating dissolved if we treat them with wet, aggressive cleaning procedures, so we use this method instead.

An additional thing you should do around your home is look for fire-prone areas throughout your home. A significant step to take is keeping your dryer vent clean. Not only should you clean the lint out each time you dry a load of clothes, but also vacuum out the duct underneath the lint trap regularly for any lint trapped underneath.

SERVPRO of North Durham wants to help your family restore your home in Gorman, Rocky Knoll, or Orange Factory after any fire. The sooner you call us at (919) 467-0880 the better, as any settled smoke and soot can continue to create additional damage, so do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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WOW! Plumbing Leaks, Durham Home Flooded, What Next? Call SERVPRO of Course for Damage Control

3/26/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage WOW! Plumbing Leaks, Durham Home Flooded, What Next? Call SERVPRO of Course for Damage Control Water Leaks in Durham Homes Are for the Birds!! Call SERVPRO for Extraction and Drying

Dealing with Water Damage in Your Durham Home Caused by Leaking Pipes

Plumbing systems are susceptible to clogs, stoppages, and damage. Even a small crack can dump many gallons of water per day on your home. Water pipes in the kitchen or bathroom may break due to temperature fluctuations or wear and tear. Pipes installed in exterior walls or those located in the basement can freeze during the winter and are therefore more susceptible to breakage.
Leaking pipes may not cause too much damage if fixed promptly, but burst ones can cause extensive water damage to your Durham home, particularly if you do not turn off the water supply valve quickly. If the water from a faulty pipe soaks into walls, floors, upholstered furniture, paper products, and unfinished wood, it can cause damage worth thousands of dollars. Water intrusion can cause furniture to swell, paint to blister and fungi to appear in your home.
A speedy response to a water loss is crucial. It minimizes the damage and prevents the condition from deteriorating further. Our SERVPRO professional technicians can assist you in restoring your home to its preloss condition whenever possible. Our SERVPRO technicians have IICRC certifications arming us with the skills and knowledge required for successful water damage restoration and cleanup.
Water damage is never exactly the same in every home. A unique technique and process are required to treat it. Our SERVPRO WRT techs assess the damage before deciding on the most suitable method for restoration. We begin the water removal process promptly to prevent further damage. We use powerful pumps to extract as much water as possible from the affected areas so that we do not have to remove much of it with dehumidifiers. Extracting water physically is 1200 times more efficient than using a dehumidifier. Generally, both devices are needed to ensure that the RH relative humidity of the structure is within acceptable levels of 55% or less. Water vapor can cause secondary water damage to contents and structural elements.
Our technicians know how to undertake every step beginning from extraction to drying. Therefore, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands. We identify and stop the leakage so that the restoration process can be effective. We also use moisture meters and sensors to identify sources of moisture intrusion and hidden residual dampness during the treatment. .
Even clean water can create a sour odor on your carpet, furniture, and linens. We can use specialized cleaning techniques to clean items within the affected area. Our technicians can also treat the area with antimicrobial solutions to prevent mold growth.
When water damage hits your home, the right company to call is SERVPRO of North Durham. When you call us, we respond fast. Call us 24/7 at (919) 467-0880 for top quality water damage restoration services in Chester and Orange Factory.

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SERVPRO Goes Room To Room To Fix Water Damage In Durham

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO Goes Room To Room To Fix Water Damage In Durham  Durham Water Cleanup for Drapes and Belongings Are Done by SERVPRO

Durham Water Removal May Require Professional Help

Water damage happens very easily and can affect any room in your home. There are many causes of water damage, including floods or severe weather, a leaking roof, a damaged appliance, a broken pipe, or water from your garden. Because there are so many ways water can harm your home, at times, it may be impossible to tell which room might be affected. Water can get into any room of your home and cause damage and increased risk of mold growth. 
No matter where water damage occurs in your Durham home, SERVPRO is on hand to help out. We train our experienced IICRC-certified technicians to deal with a broad range of possible water damage situations. 
The remedy in every situation begins by removing as much water as possible. We use floor standing and truck mounted pumps and extraction equipment to get the visible water out of your home before drying begins. 
We tackle problems in your family room or den by using dehumidifiers, air movers, and specialty drying techniques to dry out waterlogged sofas, carpets, and even your favorite easy chair. We test for water under floors to make sure no patch is left wet. 
If you have a home office full of equipment or vital files and books, do not despair. SERVPRO can liaise with an experienced electronics vendor on your behalf to find out what can be salvaged after a severe water-damaging event. Our technicians can wipe down the casings of electronic devices only. Meanwhile, water damaged files and books are quickly frozen to prevent further damage and then freeze dried using state of the art techniques. These methodologies vary greater, depending on the extent of damage and value of the paper and soft articles and items.
We dry kitchen and laundry room floors using air movers and fans, and we use special equipment to test for hidden damp patches behind appliances or cabinets. 
Upstairs, we dry under carpets and beds and send drapes or other soft furnishings to our professional facilities for washing and drying. We remove baseboards and drill holes where necessary to dry behind and under wardrobes and bathroom cabinets, and do not worry – everything is patched up and restored “Like it never even happened.” 
Dehumidifiers and air movers can be used in any part of your home to encourage evaporation and reduce the amount of moisture present in the air. We monitor the drying situation at all times and use sensitive testing equipment to ensure every corner of your home is dry. 
No matter where water enters your home, SERVPRO of North Durham is on hand to help. Call us at (919) 467-0880 today for assistance.

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