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Getting Water Restoration From SERVPRO in Durham Assures the Best Outcome

2/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo and equipment Regardless of the way that your home was affected by water, SERVPRO is the effective company for water removal services. Call right away.

Durham Locals Trust SERVPRO With Their Water Restoration Needs

According to the last census, Durham has a population of nearly 250,000, but it started as a tiny railroad depot in 1849 on a portion of land donated by Bartlett S. Durham, named the town Durham Station. Once established, the area increased due to the tobacco industry in the region, with the American Tobacco Company setting up its headquarters in Durham. Other industries followed, such as textile mills and electric power generating businesses which further expanded the population by providing steady jobs. At present, Durham's population growth is centered around three primary industries: 

  • Education
  • Medical
  • Research

Education in Durham

There are several educational institutions in Durham. The two best known are Duke and North Carolina University. The Duke University Hospital is a national leader in the healthcare and medical research industry. The University Health System continues to be the largest employer in the city. North Carolina Central University is historically a black institution that boasts distinguished alumni, including André Leon Talley, editor at Vogue, politician Maynard Jackson, and R&B singer Sunshine Anderson. 

The two prominent universities are an essential part of the Research Triangle. The area south of Durham, known as Triangle Park, consists of 11 square miles of various research facilities. Duke University is home to the Nasher Museum of Art. Other cultural sites within the city include the Museum of Life and Science, Carolina Theater, the Durham Performing Arts Center, and the Duke Homestead. History buffs enjoy a visit to Bennett Place, which is the location where Joseph E. Johnston surrendered to William T. Sherman in the American Civil War. 

Although not settled until many decades later, the explorer John Lawson wrote about the beauty of undeveloped Durham when he traveled through the area in 1701. At the time, it was inhabited by various tribes of the Eastern Siouan nation. Early settlers had attempted to set up gristmill and work the land, but because most of the soil is clay, making it tough to grow food crops to sustain the community. However, tobacco and cotton were able to grow through the ground, and large plantations such as Hardscrabble, Lipscomb, and Leigh sprang up during the antebellum period. 

The tobacco industry continued to boom and encouraged the continued growth of Durham. In 1914, the city's infrastructure's failure was brought to light after a massive fire destroyed a large part of the downtown area in the business district. The water source used by the fire department failed and saw the creation shortly afterward of a city-owned water supply to avoid tragedies like this in the future. 

Can Water Restoration Save Wet Carpets in Durham Homes?

The challenge wet carpet brings to Durham water restoration jobs is one of the many water damage situations that the SERVPRO techs train for. 

Carpet presents unique challenges as the construction materials vary and the cleanup methods depend on:

  • The fibers that make up the threads
  • Backing material
  • Colorfastness of the dyes used

As long as the water saturating the carpet is from a clean source that does not contain sewage or contaminants, saving it is a possibility. SERVPRO techs have specialized testing methods and applications to determine the makeup of the carpet materials. This is important, so secondary damages such as bleeding dyes or shrinkage of the carpet do not occur. 

SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880 brings their years of experience and professional equipment to every Durham water restoration job. 

Residential Controlled Demolition Required After Durham Flooding

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

an overview of a flooded town Flood damage can affect both the contents and structure of your property. Call (919) 467-0880 right away. We are standing by 24/7.

Flooding can contaminate materials and oversaturate porous building elements, requiring removal.

Natural flooding can be destructive to yourDurhamhome's exterior walls, and interior surfaces can become exposed to contaminants and debris. In many situations, the only solution for repairs and restoration after a flood is controlled demolition.

Can Controlled Demolition Help Durham Homes?

The presence of standing water makes flood damage in Durham homes a significant challenge for restorers. Natural flooding introduces bacteria and other contaminants to the house from substances rising water encounters and decaying organic matter.

Controlled demolition is often a suitable solution to this situation, as exposure cannot usually get overcome with surface cleaning strategies. The faster these controlled demolition efforts can begin, the less widespread this need becomes by managing the loss incidents. Material removal is beneficial for the property in multiple ways, including:

  • Access with advanced drying tools
  • Access to damaged plumbing
  • Decontamination

Flooding can be a substantial contamination concern for area homes, making controlled demolition a critical process. Our SERVPRO of North Durham team contractors can help when you call (919) 467-0880.

Water Mitigation and Restoration for Durham Collegiate Properties

2/5/2021 (Permalink)

a SERVPRO truck outside of a building Water damage problems? SERVPRO is prepared with restoration equipment and many experienced technicians. Call right away.

With major universities in the city, water disasters can impact hundreds of people.

With the famed Duke University here in Durham, situations like water disasters can directly affect hundreds of people simultaneously. Water losses can spread fast through dormitories and educational centers, requiring increasingly more expensive and time-consuming restoration or recovery until professionals begin mitigation. Our SERVPRO professionals have direct and efficient actions to take upon arrival to start managing water disasters.

Water Removal Approaches for Dorms and Institutions

Standing water in any building can be destructive, and this is why commercial water restoration for Durham businesses and institutions is vital to get started as soon as possible. With pre-stocked trailers and production vehicles at our nearby facility, our restoration technicians can mobilize quickly with effective extraction units to eliminate surface water concerns, no matter how deep or widespread they might be. Some of these extraction tools include:

  • Wet vacuums
  • High-pressure pumps
  • Electric submersible pumps

Managing water disasters quickly can reduce the total loss that structures of local colleges experience when emergencies occur. Our SERVPRO of North Durham team can help 24/7 at (919) 467-0880.

Preventing Flood Damage to Durham Collegiate Properties

1/31/2021 (Permalink)

cars driving on a flooded road Facing flood damage? Contact our team right away at (919) 467-0880 for water removal and remediation services.

Flooding can compromise the historic buildings that make up local college campuses.

The city of Durham is one of the largest municipalities in North Carolina, with an estimated population reaching 280,000. Part of this growth and the dense population is related to the collegiate properties of the city. Durham is home to one of the most recognized colleges in the country with Duke University. As such, the city has a diverse assortment of cultures, races, and heritages that create a tapestry of Durham County.

Flooding can be a common occurrence in the city, especially with its placement along the Eno River. Rapidly changing weather conditions like hurricanes or severe rainstorms can overwhelm bodies of water and overcome homes and businesses throughout the Piedmont region. The age of the structures on the campuses of local colleges in universities potentially service hundreds of students or more. Flood Damage to Durham buildings can displace undergraduates and faculty until the situation gets resolved.

Recognized Colleges and Universities of Durham

  • Duke University 

With a total student body of nearly 16,000 students every semester, Duke is a very active university that caters to many different majors and potential areas of study. The University is globally recognized as a higher institution responsible for the production of several Nobel Prize winners, highly cited researchers, Rhodes scholars, and laureates. In addition to its service to thousands of students, Duke remains a substantial employer for Durham, providing jobs for nearly 39,000. Duke also remains one of the country's older institutions, first opening its doors as Brown School in 1838 and growing as a predominantly Methodist facility for nearly 200 years.

  • North Carolina Central University 

When combined with Duke University and North Carolina University, NCCU makes up an area known as the Research Triangle. This expanse recognizes the contributions of these institutions to medical and scientific research changing the world. NCCU Has been around since 1910 and is part of the University of North Carolina's educational system since the early 70s to provide more baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral degrees.

Preventing Flood Damage from Destroying Durham Homes

With the population rapidly reaching 300,000 people, there is always water or flood damage that our professionals must address quickly. Through certain portions of the year, storm damage becomes a nearly constant risk for properties in the region. We respond with efficient mitigation solutions, including powerful extraction devices and cleaning strategies.

While flood damage to Durham homes cannot always be entirely prevented, mitigation immediately after these incidents can reduce the total loss customers experience. We have powerful instruments such as wet vacuums and submersible pumps that can overcome standing water to allow our technicians to better assess the property for other damages and structural weaknesses. Each phase of mitigation and restoration is designed to be efficient to get you back in your home as quickly as possible.

Flooding can be a disastrous situation for homes in the area, but our SERVPRO of North Durham team can help when you call (919) 467-0880.

Gorman Families Can Challenge their Imagination with a Visit to the Museum of Life + Science.

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle with equipment Take the family to the Museum of Life + Science to explore and learn, while SERVPRO brings your home back from damages.

Just a Few Steps from Gorman, Enjoy a Visit that will Feed your Brain.

Safety and health are still of concern to people in Gorman, and engaging the mind in fun activities plays a role in keeping the mind healthy. The Museum of Life + Science in nearby Durham offers a mentally-stimulating visit suitable for all family members. Updated information on which exhibits are open at any given time is available on their website, but here are a few attractions you can anticipate-

  • Insectarium- a display of invertebrates and exotic insects from all over the world
  • Hideaway Woods- Sculptures and tree-houses are included in this two-acre expanse, ready to be explored.

  • Earth Moves-a sandstone cave full of interactive activities for explorers of all ages

Challenge your imagination for an afternoon, and enjoy learning things you never knew before. Just as the Museum of Life + Science is there for its patrons, so is SERVPRO at your service when stormwater removal services become necessary. Our trajectory in restoration services speaks for itself, as does the expertise of our team.

Protect the health of your mind and your home by calling SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880. 

You can count on us to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Support the Durham Community by Volunteering

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

Durham skyline Join TABLE in giving back to the community. Volunteer with others in the community helping prepare food for the MLK Day of Service in Orange County.

TABLE Invites Durham Volunteers to Help during Martin Luther King Weekend

Volunteers in Durham have had a tough time volunteering during the current health crisis, but TABLE is inviting them for a food packaging marathon. The goal is to pack over 700 bags of food to serve the Orange County area as part of MLK Day of Service. What do you need to know?

  • TABLE is a non-profit organization focused on hunger relief and nutrition education
  • Social distancing guidelines will be enforced for the safety of all participants.
  • Participants must be 18 or older.

Doing good for our community is at the core of what TABLE does every day. At SERVPRO, we recognize and value the role we play as individuals and as business owners, which is why we are always prepared and ready to help. When fire damage threatens our customers' livelihood, we work expediently to remove soot and smoke and minimize the event’s negative impact.

SERVPRO of North Durham is made up of the best in the restoration industry. Our staff and equipment give you peace of mind, and you can be assured that you and your home or business are in the best hands. Call us at (919) 467-0880 and invite us into your home. We are committed to leaving your house, “Like it never even happened.”

Gorman Nature-Lovers are Invited to Guided Walk Along the Eno River

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

Eno River Get out and enjoy the beautiful views the Eno River has to offer.

Not too far from Gorman, you can enjoy the Peace and Beauty of Bobbit Hole.

Take a short drive from Gorman to Durham to join a small group of interested hikers looking to explore our area's natural beauty. On Sunday, January 24th, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., a guide will lead those seeking to explore the deepest place on the Eno River. As the rapids and steep bluffs, Bobbit Hole, is a sight like no other. As you prepare for the outing, keep in mind the following-

  • The hike is 2.6 miles long 
  • The trail is moderately difficult and not intended for beginners
  • There will be frequent stops where the guide will explain the local plants and history of the site.

Just like a guide is the best lead for a safe hike, so is SERVPRO the best leader of water mitigation efforts. Our team is equipped to handle the most challenging water situations to minimize your loss. From techniques to equipment, you can be assured that we are the best in the field.

SERVPRO of North Durham is your partner at all times when you need an expert opinion. Call us any time at (919) 467-0880 and let us leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

Durham is the Perfect Marriage of Southern Hospitality with High-Tech Industry

1/3/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians Call the experts at SERVPRO for any remediation or mitigation efforts needed in your home or business property. We are faster to any size disaster.

Durham has Something to Offer All Residents and Visitors Who Venture to Explore It.

Durham is among the 100 most populous cities in the United States and on the top list for North Carolina. It owes its name to Bartlett S. Durham, who in 1849 donated some land to establish a railway depot. Located in the Piedmont region between the coastal plain and the Appalachian Mountains, it borders the Eno River to add to the city's natural beauty. Often grouped with Raleigh and Chapel Hill, the greater metropolitan area is often referred to as the Research Triangle.

In 1869, the North Carolina General Assembly recognized Durham as a town, and Durham County was ratified in 1881. The tobacco trade is much responsible for the region's growth, and Durham became the original site for the American Tobacco Company. The textile industry also played a crucial role in Durham's development, even though today medical and research companies are at the core of business in this bustling metropolitan area.

The Occoneechi and the Eno were the original inhabitants of what we now know as Durham. They farmed the land, and the Great Indian Trading Path allowed for trading and transportation through Durham. Starting in the early 1700s, the English settled the territory, and plantations were established. African slaves worked the land, and Southern traditions became closely intertwined with cultural elements brought into the area by laborers. The arrival of the North Carolina Railroad became a catalyst for growth in the city, and some 20 years later, Durham played an essential role in the American Civil War.  One cannot understand Durham without considering the beginning of the American Tobacco Company, which J.B. Duke started in 1890 through the merger of several tobacco manufacturers. 

To understand the company's importance, it is enough to know that it was one of the 12 founding corporations to join the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1896. In 1911, the company fractioned into several spin-off companies, but it continued to exist until 1994 when it sold its operations to Brown & Williamson. In the height of tobacco use, it carried such brands as Lucky Strike, and it prospered for decades. Not only was tobacco growth significant for North Carolina, but the ancillary services such as packaging and machine-rolling cigarettes also provided employment beyond Durham's boundaries.

The black community also established itself close to the center of town, and some of the most distinguished black-owned businesses began in Durham. Most notable, North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company and others such as Mechanics & Farmers Bank were housed on "Black Wall Street," the popular nickname for Parrish Street. Halfway through the 20th century, manufacturing activities in the textile industry and tobacco companies began to suffer, leading to their eventual demise later on.  

Universities in Durham

The foresight of some of Durham's oldest residents can be held responsible for the area's stability today. 

In the 1950s, Duke University, the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University-Raleigh negotiated the purchase of land in Durham County with the idea of developing an educational establishment to build capacity for industries in the area. 

This association gave way to the first "Science Park" in the nation to great success. Its tradition of reputable higher education continues with the presence of –

  • Duke University- recognized as one of the top ten universities in the nation
  • Wake Forest- located in Winston-Salem and among the top 100 universities
  • University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill- also considered among the top 30 universities in national universities
  • Durham Technical Community College- focuses on technical programs and associate degrees

Several other colleges and technical institutions complement the intellectual capital being cultivated in the Durham area.

Durham Today

The Durham Performing Arts Center is emblematic of the community's effort towards the revitalization of the downtown area. The need to redevelop some historic tobacco buildings prompted incentives for restaurants, businesses, and entertainment venues to settle in Durham. 

Alongside, housing complexes and a welcoming environment have prompted many to relocate to the city. The city's diversity also plays a vital role in attracting investors and entrepreneurs from the tech industry, health sciences, and financial firms.

Culturally, Durham welcomes musicians and performers with open arms. Jazz, blues, and on-stage performances are typical in Durham, as are visits to museums and arts organizations. Record labels have also made downtown its home, and artistic talent can be found virtually everywhere.

As expected, collegiate sports are a big focus for Durham residents, with Duke University's various teams leading the way. Athletic parks and recreation areas serve as the backdrop for sports activities from pee-wee baseball to professional teams.

Like many other southern cities, Durham can get hot and humid during the summer while reaching cold temperatures in winter. However, the area avoids extreme temperatures making it a pleasant place to live year-round.

Restoration Companies in Durham

Durham exhibits the remarkable coexistence between older traditional structures and newer construction. Even though the original tobacco district was renovated, you can still feel and see the architectural elements typical of their time. Aging structures can pose a challenge for some home and business owners whenever older pipes break and allow water to leak onto hardwood floors and threaten structural elements.

SERVPRO is professional in its approach to water damage in your dwelling. We study and apply the best practices industry to achieve the restoration of your home or office with minimal disruption to your daily life. Our industry-grade equipment and expert staff are a phone call away and ready to lead the restoration process in full.

SERVPRO of North Durham is reachable around the clock by calling us at (919) 467-0880. Once we dispatch our staff, you can rest assured that the best team is on your side to protect you. Our goal, like yours, is to leave your place, "Like it never even happened."

Release the Stress of the Holidays with Guided Yoga for Durham Residents

12/11/2020 (Permalink)

people in a studio practicing yoga SERVPRO is looking forward to seeing the community participating in the open-air instruction sessions for yoga.

Appreciate the open-air instruction of yoga poses designed for all levels.

There is no doubt that the year's final months can be great stress, especially with additional burdens or worries that have come from this year alone. Shake off the stresses with so many others in a safe, open environment of Duke Park for Sunday Morning Yoga Sessions. For those unfamiliar, Duke Park is located on W Knox in Durham.

Those interested can secure their spot for the December 13th, 2020 yoga session online for 11.00. The groups are led by the experienced and certified Steph Andrea. Tickets to the event and subsequent Sunday sessions can happen through the website for Eventbrite or by contacting the Ametarea Studio sponsoring the gathering at (919) 896-2662.

If a unique yoga pose shows you warning signs of mold growth you could not usually see, let our SERVPRO of North Durham team help with mold inspection for Durham residences. We have experienced remediators to help make it "Like it never even happened," as well. Call us at (919) 467-0880.

Gorman Residents Can Use a Laugh This December

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

stand up comedy logo It will be exciting to see the community at the stand up shows!

Have a night out with up-and-coming comics from all over the Durham area.

The Durty Bull Brewing Company has been putting together weekly stand up shows every Friday night showcasing rising talent in North Carolina. The performances are hosted and promoted by Rob Schneider Comedy and begin at 8 PM. You can come out Friday, December 4th, 2020, to have a laugh and a brew in a safe space.

The event changes every week, so you can keep coming back for fun. Remember, seating is limited, so be sure to get there early to get your spot and some options off the menu. For more information about the event or the venue, contact Durty Bull Brewing Company at (919) 688-BEER.

Flood damage in Gorman businesses is like a joke without a punchline: confusing. Save yourself the struggle of cleaning up after the flood loss by trusting SERVPRO of North Durham to do it for you. We have experienced professionals ready to help when you call (919) 467-0880.