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How Damaged is Too Damaged From Fire to Restore Wood Furniture?

9/14/2020 (Permalink)

roof/fire If you need a company you can trust! Call SERVPRO of North Durham today for any fire damage remediation needs.

SERVPRO technicians have a vast selection of cleaning agents and solutions for use in the restoration of wood furniture post-fire in Durham properties.

Even if covered in icky black soot, the wood furniture in your Durham home may have restoration potential. If you see any of the following problems, the piece probably needs refinishing for reuse, and restorative treatments will not be enough. 

  • Blistering of the wood finish
  • Staining that affects the wood grain
  • Cracking from exposure to heat may be a candidate for repairs on a case-by-case basis

Can My Pets Remain in the Home During Fire Damage Restoration?  

The best way to know if it is safe to remain in your Durham property during fire damage restoration is to talk to the first responders and get their opinion. In most situations, homeowners get advised to avoid the area where the fire happened and stay elsewhere. The reason for this is soot has the potential to be an irritant and is unhealthy to breathe for both people and pets. Birds, in particular, are susceptible to stress from both soot and the cleaning agents needed to remove smoke damage from surfaces. 

SERVPRO techs work on improving the air quality during the cleanup and restoration process. The use of negative air that works to port away airborne contaminants is a commonly used tactic. Air scrubbers are machines that have a labyrinth of HEPA filtration, and they work to capture airborne particulates that are smaller than the human eye can see. This latter method frequently gets applied with the use of containment around the work-site to inhibit the potential for cross-contamination. 

When your home needs fire damage restoration, SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880 stands ready to come to your property 24/7. The certified techs have the training and equipment to make any size fire and smoke damage, "Like it never even happened."

Are Wet Areas at High Risk of Microbial Bacteria Growth in Durham?

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

Water leaking and flooded on wood parquet floor A wet property can quickly become a hotbed of microbial activity.

SERVPRO is a Leading Water Damage Restoration Provider that can Protect your Durham Home From Microbial Infestation.

Why are microbial bacteria associated with water damage?
Controlling microbial growth is a vital skill for restoration technicians working in Durham. Microbes are tiny living organisms that make up an essential part of the ecosystem. It is common for bacteria or viruses to be present in a wet or water-damaged property. Instances where microbes are apparent are treated with caution by restoration services because they can make you or our technicians sick. A human hair is 75 microns in size. Mold spores can be 4 microns by comparison with bacteria registering around 1 micron in size. Viruses can be as small as 0.2 microns. The assessment of microbial growth is often understood based on the length of time your home is subjected to water exposure, the source of water, and its contamination levels. In the presence of moisture, bio pollutants can proliferate and must be controlled.

How can I bring microbial growth under control?
Using a qualified water damage restoration firm in the Durham area can help rid your home of bio pollutants. For larger microbes, like mold spores, our team can deploy air scrubbing equipment fitted with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. These are effective at removing bio pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. Usually, a SERVPRO technician uses a multi-pronged approach by combining air scrubbing with biocides or anti-microbial chemicals. These can be dispersed throughout a property efficiently using an ultra-low volume (ULV) fogger or mister.

What are the safety measures used to prevent a microbial infestation?
- Containment of the affected area to prevent spreading
- The use of negative air pressure during agitative cleaning or demolition of materials
- Graded anti-microbial chemicals and decontamination zones for workers

A wet property can quickly become a hotbed of microbial activity. Contact SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880.

How is SERVPRO Prepared for Disasters in My Durham Home?

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle all types of damage with the equipment and experience to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

With a fast response and experienced master technicians on our roster, we have the expertise and the ability to recover damaged properties “Like it never even happened.”

From Durham to Gorman, we have thousands of homes and businesses throughout the greater Metropolitan area that depend on the fast and reliable response of our SERVPRO team in a crisis. With master certified restorers on our roster in each of the primary niches that we serve, we can offer our customers a level of experience and confidence in the work that we do that provides peace of mind. We are locally owned and operated, meaning that the technicians dispatched to help with your disaster share these same communities with you. We are neighbors helping neighbors. This family-oriented style of operation and customer care has allowed us to become one of the top 100 franchises in the country.


It is often a considerable challenge to manage fire loss events that happen in Durham homes and businesses. After extinguishment, professional restoration teams need to reach your home as quickly as possible to begin sufficient mitigation work to reduce the spread and severity of fire loss effects throughout the property. This also often requires you to manage information and documentation for damage claims made to your insurance company. Our professionals can help to provide the appropriate documentation to your insurance adjuster to ensure that there are a few delays in approval as possible.

What Are Emergency Services? 

Protecting your property often means beginning emergency services for your Durham structure as soon as possible. Between In-house contractors and master certified fire restoration technicians, we have the experience and confidence to provide your home with efficient and effective recovery tactics. Emergency services reduce how destructive fire losses can become, and can involve both repairs and cleaning, such as:

  • Content Management
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Board Up
  • Tarping
  • Debris Removal

What is Expected from Mitigation and Restoration Phases? 

Knowing what to expect from technicians when we get to work in your Durham or Rougemont property can help you appreciate the varying levels of fire restoration. Mitigation is one of the blanket terms used to describe multiple tasks explicitly designed to address pressing damage concerns, including soiling, soot, airborne contaminants, structural weaknesses, and other immediate obstacles.


Because water losses are among the most common needs for a restoration team in Durham and its surrounding areas, we stay prepared for this inevitable loss incident by keeping trailers stocked with recovery tools. There are hundreds of causes for water loss incidents in homes and businesses throughout our service area, making our union of general contractors and qualified restoration technicians vital to the recovery of properties. Our emergency services in mitigation focus on providing effective solutions for both of these fronts.

What Tools Best Remove Standing Water? 

Standing water could be a substantial concern for Durham properties because it allows water migration to happen quickly. Absorption into materials like flooring, sealing materials, wall systems, and other sensitive areas can move water from one area of the property to another over a brief period. These concerns become challenging to address the longer they persist, so it is vital to begin water removal techniques with our team's arrival. Several extraction tools used in these efforts include:

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Truck-Mount Pumps
  • Light Wands
  • Carpet Wands
  • Wet Vacuums

What Efficient Drying Solutions Exist for Durham Homes? 

As with any water loss incident, drying your Durham home is the primary focus of water recovery after a disaster. No matter what areas of your property have become affected, there are specific tools designed to address lingering moisture and dampness where it is found. Air movers are often the foundation of the drying effort, allowing us to focus blasts of heated air at specific targets to promote evaporative drying as efficiently as possible.


While any disaster or emergency could impact your Durham business, fire and water losses are often among the most common call-outs that our professionals must address for commercial properties in the region. Our reliability in these areas can get attributed to our preparedness for these disasters with pre-stocked trailers and technicians available 24/7.

Are there Benefits to An Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP)?

We ensure that our fast response to disasters allows us to reach your property within hours of the first notice of loss. Those who have already completed the free Emergency READY Profile Plan are at a more significant advantage because our technicians already understand the layout of your structure, the location of specific shutoffs, and other essential details to protect what matters most.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned 

Deep cleaning your business has become a popular request in recent months following the devastation of viruses like COVID-19 on Durham businesses. The entire state of North Carolina saw the pandemic sweep through our cities, requiring business owners to take a closer look at the efforts they were taking to provide a sanitary environment for their staff and customers. Our newest defensive cleaning program ensures that you are getting the top tier cleaning approaches, products, and techniques for your business whenever necessary, including:

  • Applying Disinfectant
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Antibacterial Treatment
  • Air Quality Control


Being a coastal state, Durham residents have experienced multiple hurricane-level storms and devastating violent weather events in the past decade alone. Each of these adverse situations can sweep through the area and destroy multiple structures, leaving many homes and businesses vulnerable simultaneously.

Water Removal Solutions for Flooded Properties

Flooding is an unfortunate inevitability for many Durham homes and businesses after severe storm systems pass through the region. Standing water can be a substantial concern in structures, specifically because of how quickly absorption can happen in high permeability materials like wood plank flooring or drywall. Removing standing water involves several extraction tools, including wet vacuums, submersible pumps, and other specialty tools.

Drying and Reconstruction 

Drying your Durham home after a flood loss incident is only part of the solution to the problem your structure faces. Often, flood damage situations require some degree of repair or reconstruction to return the property to its original condition. With a team of in-house contractors available with our responding technicians, we can perform these repairs, and full scale build back, as required.

No matter what disaster your home or office faces, our SERVPRO of North Durham team can help. Call us today at (919) 467-0880.

What Should I Do After Finding Mold in my Business Premises?

8/18/2020 (Permalink)

"Mold" If mold is left unchecked, it can spread very quickly. Contact our IICRC certified mold damage remediation team for an assessment today.

SERVPRO Commercial Mold Remediation Teams Help Business Premises to Overcome Minor, Moderate, and Severe Microbial Growth Issues.

Is mold growth a recurring issue?

Discovering the presence of mold can be an unpleasant find for any Durham business or premises manager. Treating a microbial growth issue requires professional assistance to avoid recurring problems or spreading throughout the work environment. Many places of work use soft carpets on floors or acoustical ceiling tiles. Both these materials are porous so that they can provide an ideal food supply for fungus and other microbial bacterias. It is not uncommon for businesses to work through microbial growth issues using in-house janitorial teams, but these businesses often find mold recurring in similar spots. Providing safe, sanitary conditions for your staff and customers does not have to be a constant battle. SERVPRO offers professional, commercial mold technicians who can perform an expert inspection of the problem and place the necessary steps for remediation. 

Is it possible to eliminate mold?

Mold spores naturally occur in any indoor environment. Our commercial mold remediation specialists in Durham are capable of bringing microbial growth under control. Remediation can mean removing unpleasant odors, mold colonies, and drying damp spots, or replacing infested materials. Microbes generally only become a problem for business owners when they come into contact with moisture and begin to proliferate, which can quickly get out of control. We have qualified technicians who can demolish infested materials while applying negative air pressure to the areas affected to prevent the spread of mold spores. Once the initial mold colonies are removed, we can use antimicrobial chemicals to avoid spores from building up through growth stages.

What are the steps of mold control?

- Control moisture

- Aggressively remove existing mold colonies

- Demolish and dispose of infested materials

If your business requires immediate mold remediation, contact SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880. 

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What Happens If My Drapes Are Heavily Soiled After Flood Damage In Durham?

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

interior of the house flooded with water If you are concerned about soiled drapes after flooding, do not despair.

What Can SERVPRO Do For Heavily Soiled Drapes In Durham?

Residents in Durham hope they will never fall victim to storm damage on their property, but there is no guarantee. If you cannot guarantee that water will not enter your home, the next best thing is knowing there is a remediation company you can trust.

Flood damage in Durham can leave textiles such as carpets or drapes soaked through and heavily soiled. Homeowners might find themselves worried about the state of their curtains and wondering if they are facing a huge dry cleaning bill, or even the need to toss them away.

Can SERVPRO help fix heavily soiled drapes?

Thankfully yes – we train our technicians in various textile cleaning methods, including methods well-suited to heavily soiled items. Our team will assess your curtains and test the fibers before deciding which cleaning method to use.

What are the best cleaning methods for heavy soiling?

Three of the best cleaning methods for heavily soiled drapes include:

    •    Hot water extraction is ideal for moderately soiled material and uses an upholstery machine to quickly flush out heavy soils and a dry vacuum for maximum effect
    •    Deluxe pre-condition and rinse is ideal for moderate to heavy soiling and uses a pre-conditioning solution for a deeper clean
    •    Showcase is our most aggressive wet cleaning method and is ideal for heavy soiling – it uses a two-step shampoo and rinse process

These three techniques are all wet cleaning methods. We also train our technicians in dry cleaning techniques, for drapes that are not suitable for wet cleaning.

What else can SERVPRO help with?

Our teams can help with much more than just cleaning your drapes. We can also:

    •    Clean carpets and other furniture and upholstery
    •    Test for moisture levels in carpets and inside walls
    •    Remove and replace damaged drywall
    •    Take steps to remove mold if needed after flood damage

Our cleaning process includes drying and deodorizing, to leave your home fresh, dry, and pleasant to live in once more. We can even help you move items out of your home, and back again if needed.

If you are concerned about soiled drapes after flooding, do not despair. Call SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880.

What Can A Professional Fire Restoration Company Do For Me?

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

Matches/Fire We understand the need for rapid response and restoration to minimize the loss of your property. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

If Your Durham Home Has Experienced A Fire SERVPRO’s Technicians Can Clean, Repair and Restore Your Home to Pre-loss Condition.

With over 27% of all fires occurring in homes, the danger is very real. A house fire can happen to anyone. If your Durham home needs emergency fire mitigation, we are available 24/7.

 What should I do first after a fire?

Once your family is safe, and the firefighters have everything under control, the first thing you do is contact your insurance. Next, you call a restoration team that handles all aspects of fire damage cleanup in Durham. SERVPRO’s Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified and fire, and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) are well trained and have years of experience dealing with fire restoration. Immediate intervention is necessary to prevent secondary damage from occurring.

Scope and Assessment

Upon arrival, the crew chief will start doing a scope of the home. Through this assessment process, the damage to the interior, structural elements, and content gets documented. An immediate plan of action is written up. Restoration is the goal and is typically more cost-effective than replacement. 

Beginning the Cleanup

Before cleaning and restoration begin, the crew will work on removing debris and charred structural elements. We can properly dispose of these items, so you don’t need to worry about getting rid of any waste. We then take steps to:

  • Care for your personal belongings and contents – If the fire is limited to a small area, items may be kept on site but moved to a different area. If required, we will do a pack-out and move the content off-site to our warehouse, where trained restoration technicians clean your belongings.
  • Examine structural elements – We make sure the structural part of your home that has been affected is safe. If portions need to be replaced, we take care of that too.
  • Provide soot removal – Soot can cause corrosion and bond quickly with certain types of surfaces. Water from putting out the fire can add to the situation. Our team knows how to remove soot from the tiniest cracks and crevices.
  • Cleanup water damage – Water intrusion is a problem with any fire that requires firefighters to handle the scene. We extract any standing water, plus we use moisture detectors to find and remove hidden water.
  • Get the crew cleaning – Ceilings, walls, and other surfaces are each assigned to crew members. They then use the proper cleaning techniques needed for that particular area to remove dirt and soot.
  • Deodorize and sanitize – Foul odor from smoke damage can embed itself into everything from furniture to insulation. We have special chemicals and procedures, such as thermal fogging, that removes the odor. We also make sure everything gets sanitized.

 What Can Your Company Salvage?

SERVPRO understands how important the content of your home is to you. It’s not just a bunch of “stuff” that happened to be in a fire. It’s personal, some of it holds special memories and some things are simply irreplaceable. We can’t promise to restore everything in a house with fire damage, but we can guarantee to restore everything we possibly can. This includes things such as:

  • Clothing
  • Personal items such as jewelry 
  • Dishes and household goods
  • Furniture
  • Appliances 
  • Carpets 
  • Tools
  • Toys and children’s belongings

Why Do I Need a Professional Fire Restoration Company?

Fire damage can be far worse than you imagine, even in a minor fire that is restricted to one area. Smoke and soot can spread into the smallest spaces. HVAC systems help carry the sediment throughout the home. If it is a major house fire, the task of cleaning up would be overwhelming to the homeowner. Firefights use not only water but chemicals to put out the blaze. This means knowing how to handle those chemicals safely. Safety is one of the main reasons you need a fire restoration company like SERVPRO. You need the professionals because the typical homeowner does not have access to the advanced technology, heavy-duty equipment, and industrial-strength cleaning agents they do.

Entrust Your Home to A Company That Understands You

 A fire can happen in a heartbeat. Your once-normal life is now in shreds. As homeowners and family members, we understand that. As trained professional technicians, we know how to help. Contact SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880 for expert fire damage service. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Can I Do to Prevent Water Damage in My Laundry Room?

7/15/2020 (Permalink)

Washing machine overflowing with bubbles Don't let an appliance malfunction wreak havoc in your home. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for assistance.

Restoration Pros Offer Effective Water Cleanup Services for Durham Homes

Washing machine failures are notorious for leaving homeowners with sudden large amounts of water to clean. A Durham homeowner might think the worst is over once the water is mopped up, but moisture seeping into walls and floors can lead to structural damage and microbial growth beneath surfaces.

If your property requires water cleanup in Durham after a major appliance failure, SERVPRO professionals can return your property to a preloss condition. Restoration technicians use sophisticated, cutting-edge technologies in tandem with tried-and-true cleanup methods to mitigate moisture damage and dry homes more effectively.

What Steps Can I Take to Prevent Washing Machine Water Damage?

  • Leave some clearance between your unit and the wall. At least four inches of space is sufficient for preventing kinks in the supply and drain hoses.
  • Replace hoses regularly. Supply line hoses require replacement every five years. Even a hose that looks fine on the outside can have a deteriorating interior.
  • Avoid overloading your unit. Whether you put in too many clothes or too much detergent, overwhelming your machine is a fast way to create water damage in your laundry room.
  • Use a water leak detector. This sensor can prevent flooding by automatically shutting off the water supply to your washing machine when a leak has been detected.

How Does SERVPRO’s Moisture Extraction Process Work and Why Does it Matter?

Before extraction can begin in earnest, SERVPRO professionals detect moisture with a variety of sensors and moisture meters, including infrared cameras, to assess the extent of the damage and formulate a plan for structural drying.

Extraction is performed several times over to reduce the time it takes for a structure to dry. Without moisture extraction with portable units, mops, and other tools, drying can take hours to several days longer, which can create secondary water damages in your home.

SERVPRO of North Durham ensures that disaster-struck homes look, “Like it never even happened.” Call (919) 467-0880 at any time of the day or night to begin the mitigation process.

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How Quickly Does Storm Damage Become Catastrophic In Durham?

7/12/2020 (Permalink)

Lifebuoy floating on kitchen SERVPRO of North Durham is part of your community and ready to help.

Storm Damage to your Durham Home Can Become Catastrophic Quickly, so Call a Restoration Service As Soon as Possible!

Storms in the Durham area can cause devastation of varying degrees, leaving homeowners in need of help to bring life back to normal. Some consequences are evident and require specialized construction workers, but protecting your belongings and the inside of your home is a job for a water restoration technician capable of applying the latest in technology to your home. A thorough cleanup process can help prevent problems in the future.

Flood damage in Durham due to a storm is a job for our certified technicians at SERVPRO. Our experience prepares us to handle the toughest situations and make informed decisions regarding the restoration process. As we assess the damage in your home, we can make preliminary decisions about items we need to remove to protect your health and about the equipment we need to restore other surfaces. In most cases, we remove porous surfaces such as upholstery and carpets due to the bacteria and debris stormwater brings into your home.

How can I sanitize after a storm?

If you are already thinking of sanitizing your home, you are in good shape. It is not uncommon to find homeowners who focus solely on water extraction and fail to address microorganisms brought in by the flood. However, our SERVPRO team knows that the final stage in a successful cleanup process is disinfecting and sanitizing your home. To reach every corner of your home to the best of our ability, we make use of the following treatments:

    •    Ultra-Low Volume Foggers which sprays a fine mist throughout your home to neutralize airborne bacteria
    •    Thermal Foggers provide a thicker fog which helps deodorize your home
    •    Ozone generator which helps disinfect and purify the air

SERVPRO of North Durham is part of your community and ready to help. When disaster strikes, you can trust our staff to give you an honest and educated assessment of the damage and a solution to your problems. Call us at (919) 467-0880 and let us have an active role in leaving your home “Like it never even happened.”

How Can I Prevent Water Damage Caused By Plumbing Failures?

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

plaques on two walls, servpro The Plaques Indicate the Broad Range of SERVPRO Services for Durham Area Homes

Certified Restoration Technicians Eliminate Water Damage From Durham Homes

Durham homeowners may be wondering what they can do to prepare for a plumbing-related disaster. A 1/8" pipe leak alone can bring dozens of gallons of water each day into your home. Without fast action, the moisture brought in by this kind of disaster can skyrocket home repair and replacement costs.

If your Durham home needs water damage mitigation services, SERVPRO technicians are available 24/7 to restore your property to a preloss state as efficiently as possible. Your local SERVPRO team is trained to prioritize repair over replacement when feasible to minimize your property loss. Restoration services extend to a variety of structural materials and belongings, including:

  • Documents, electronics, and valuables
  • Apparel and fabrics
  • Upholstery and drapes
  • Carpeting, floorboards, and subfloors
  • Drywall, insulation, wall studs, and ceiling joists

What Causes Pipe Leak Water Damage?

There are several types of pipe leaks that can release varying amounts of water into your home. Here are the most frequent causes of residential pipe leaks:

  • Loose fittings and connections. Every so often, pipe connections loosen and erode, and require occasional tightening or replacement.
  • Unregulated water pressure. Water pressure that is too high can quickly erode pipes and create leaks.
  • Pipes without insulation. In wintry weather, pipes that lack insulation can quickly become damaged by ice buildup inside. Ice expands inside the pipes, which can put enough strain on the plumbing to cause it to burst.
  • Mechanical failures. Faulty installation or repair measures can lead to future water damage incidents.

SERVPRO technicians are trained in the mitigation of pipe leak water damage, no matter how small or large the disaster. Commercial-grade extraction, sanitation, and drying tools can prevent mold growth and structural damage to your property.

What Prevents Plumbing-Related Water Damage?

The key to preventing water damage from pipe leaks and plumbing failures in your home is reducing the stress on the system. Consider these tips for lessening the likelihood and frequency of plumbing failures in your home:

Soften Your Water

Lessen stress on your pipes by installing a water softener. The high amount of minerals in hard water can corrode the plumbing and create buildup inside water supply lines. Not sure if you have hard water? Check your locale’s most recent EPA water quality report. Water with minerals over 140 parts per million is considered to be hard.

The traditional solution for this is in the use of sodium-based softening agents. This process works by creating an exchange of ions between negatively-charged resin beads in the softener unit and positively-charged calcium and magnesium in the water. The sodium makes a brine that isolates minerals from the resin beads and washes them down the drain.

More recent developments allow for the use of electronic softening units, which can dissolve minerals with electromagnetic pulses.

Regulate Water Pressure

Monitor the water pressure in your pipes—normal levels for residential water pressure range from approximately 30 to 50 psi. Levels above 60 psi can cause problems for Durham residents, but this can be lowered with professional intervention or the installation of a pressure reducer. Residential water pressure should not exceed 80 psi.

Before adjusting your water pressure, check with neighbors to see if they have the same problem. If the problem is with the municipal water system, you may not even need to modify your water pressure.

Adjusting your own water pressure is a relatively simple process:

  • Find the bell-shaped pressure regulator near your home’s water meter. Contact your utility provider if you are unsure where it is located on your property.
  • Use a crescent wrench to loosen the lock nut somewhat. Turn the adjustment screw clockwise to increase water pressure and counterclockwise to decrease it. Adjust pressure one to two revolutions at a time.
  • Test the pressure by letting a faucet run for a minute before making further adjustments.

What Does SERVPRO Use to Salvage My Home After Water Damage?

SERVPRO technicians tackle water damage in several steps. One of the most crucial is moisture measurement. Several tools are used to evaluate moisture levels in, on, and even behind surfaces, such as:

  • Infrared cameras
  • Penetrating and nonpenetrating sensors and meters
  • Thermohygrometers

These measurements help technicians determine many crucial elements of the restoration process, including:

  • Calculating drying goals for various surfaces
  • Determining the placement of centrifugal air movers
  • Placement and implementation of dehumidifiers based on the type of device, room size, and relative humidity, among other factors.

Without accurate calculations, the structural drying process can create secondary damages that can increase loss and slow down the mitigation process.

SERVPRO of North Durham strives to keep your home looking, “Like it never even happened.” You can call (919) 467-0880 for disaster mitigation service that can start within hours of your initial contact.

Can My Walls Be Saved After Storm Damage In Durham?

6/16/2020 (Permalink)

Water damaged wall If you don’t act quickly, water damage in your home can escalate.Contact our experienced SERVPRO team right away.

SERVPRO Can Restore and Repair Damaged Walls in Your Durham Home Professionally and Efficiently.

Storms can wreak havoc on Durham homes, causing flooding and destruction to the interior of your home. Structural damage is a risk when this happens. Our IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) technicians provide immediate mitigation to repair and restore your residence from storm damage. 

Why do I need professional services?

Flood damage in Durham that gets inside the home and hits the structure hard needs water mitigation fast. In certain flood situations replacing the drywall is all that may be necessary. This is not the case in a severe flood caused by heavy storms. In states with high humidity, the moisture in the air adds to the overall moisture. It is figured in with the moisture from the flood when assessing what needs accomplishing. Floodwater carries contaminants that need to be addressed. If left unchecked, the following may occur:

  • Mold
  • Structural damage spreads
  • Spread of viral or bacterial contamination 

Preventing Further Damage

 SERVPRO stops flood damage in its tracks. Moisture sensors detect invisible moisture. To keep wetness from spreading, the technicians will make flood cuts six inches above the water damage. If the damage is severe enough, controlled demolition may be required. Water extraction, either with truck pumps or portable pumps remove water. Impacted wall cavities get dried using air movers. Dehumidifiers further help dry out the walls and air. Repairing the walls come next:

  • Clean and decontaminate surfaces
  • Treat carpets with antimicrobials
  • Replace walls
  • Repaint walls 
  • Leave it “Like it never even happened.”

 While it seems like everything is damaged beyond hope from floodwaters in most cases, that is not true. Our IICRC technicians are Faster To Any Size Disaster. We repair and restore wall and structural damage left in the wake of floodwaters.

Contact SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880 for flood damage help today.

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