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After A Fire, Contact Our Crew To Restore Your Home In Durham To Pre-Damage Condition!

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage After A Fire, Contact Our Crew To Restore Your Home In Durham To Pre-Damage Condition! The sooner you call us at (919) 467-0880 the better, as any settled smoke and soot can continue to create additional damage.

Fire Damage Restoration In Your Durham Home

Fires are often in the news and are not all that uncommon. To keep your home in Durham safe, there are things you can do to protect you and your family. When you set aside some time to make a plan and go over some fire safety tips with everyone in your home, you can help prevent a disaster before one starts.

When you’ve gone through a fire in your Durham home, it is overwhelming, no matter how severe the fire damage is. At SERVPRO, we understand this is a stressful time, and we want to help in any way we can. As a professional remediation company, we can assist you in restoring your home fast so you can get back to life as normal and begin to put the disaster behind you.

To help keep you and your family safe, you should start by ensuring that you have enough fire detectors in your home and that they are all working correctly. There are two main types – photoelectric and ionization. The photoelectric fire detectors work to detect a smoldering fire, while the ionization works better to detect flames. Many experts recommend you have both types, but whichever you decide upon, it is a good idea to make sure they are interconnected.

When the smoke has settled on your walls and ceilings from a fire, SERVPRO technicians have different procedures we use to clean it up right. For all types of ceilings that have non-grease-based soiling with light-to-medium damage, we use a dry cleaning sponge. It can also be used to pre-clean non-grease-based soils in excess before we wet clean. Wet cleaning is used on metal, painted, or wood ceilings that have heavy dry soot or ash residue or residues which are light-to-heavy and oil-based.

Lastly, we can use peroxide active cleaning to clean acoustical or other porous and nonporous ceilings, especially ones which have heavy nicotine and tar soiling. Ceilings that are blown and textured could have their coating dissolved if we treat them with wet, aggressive cleaning procedures, so we use this method instead.

An additional thing you should do around your home is look for fire-prone areas throughout your home. A significant step to take is keeping your dryer vent clean. Not only should you clean the lint out each time you dry a load of clothes, but also vacuum out the duct underneath the lint trap regularly for any lint trapped underneath.

SERVPRO of North Durham wants to help your family restore your home in Gorman, Rocky Knoll, or Orange Factory after any fire. The sooner you call us at (919) 467-0880 the better, as any settled smoke and soot can continue to create additional damage, so do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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When Your Home In Durham Suffers Foul Odors After A Fire, Our Crew Can Help!

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage When Your Home In Durham Suffers Foul Odors After A Fire, Our Crew Can Help! No matter the time, our technicians can help you with your fire damage problems.

SERVPRO Can Help You Rid Your Durham Home Of The Malodor Fire Damage Leaves Behind

Fire damage can leave many remnants of the flames that burned inside of your home. Ash, soot, and smoke are some of the more obvious signs of a fire but, even after all of those symptoms have been removed, the smell can still remain behind. However, it is comforting to know that professional help, which can address all aspects of the fire damage inside of your home, is never far.

The fire damage inside of your Durham home happened inside of your bedroom, from an unattended candle. The candle was close enough to a scarf that hung from a wall-mounted rack to catch it on fire and, from the scarf, that fire spread to the numerous accessories hanging from the rack, such as other scarves and hats. By the time you found the fire in your room, it had not done catastrophic damage. However, it did manage to burn most of the articles on the mount, as well as some of the makeup products that had sat on the dresser beneath it, alongside the candle.

When you reach out to SERVPRO for help with the damage in your bedroom, we make it a priority to arrive at your home as soon as we can. Once there, we can begin cleaning up the ruined remains of your clothing, as well as the ruined cosmetic products. The wooden clothing mount, the wall itself, and your dresser all had soot stains, but our IICRC-certified SERVPRO techs can clean them. By using a spray-and-wipe technique alongside an effective lubricative cleaning solution, our technicians can chip away at the soot.

Once the physical evidence is removed, all that remains is the smell that the fire left behind. The very particles in the air carry the scent with them, so the only option is to try and neutralize them. Thankfully, SERVPRO can use a thermal fogger to do just that. A thermal fogger dispenses a vaporized agent that can attack the foul smell at a particle level and remove it from the air, leaving your bedroom “Like it never even happened.”

If fire damage has left a foul smell behind in your home, do not wait. Get in contact with SERVPRO of North Durham by dialing (919) 467-0880. No matter the time, our technicians can help you with your fire damage problems.

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How You Can Prevent Fire Damage In Your Durham Home

1/24/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How You Can Prevent Fire Damage In Your Durham Home Reach out by calling (919) 467-0880, and we will dispatch our team and equipment to your home as quickly as possible.

Preventing Fire Damage To Your Home In Durham

It is not uncommon to watch the news and see a home affected by fire damage and you always hope it never happens to you. Electrical fires can be the cause of the disaster, but very often we can help control the onset of a fire ourselves just by being cautious in our own home. As always, being proactive is the first line of defense in avoiding a disaster.

At SERVPRO we want to help you avoid fire damage to your Durham home, and we recommend being vigilant about any open flames you have in and around your home. Whether you light a scented candle or barbecue with your friends, you must always be careful of open fires and keep them away from any curtains or other materials that might easily burn. On top of your own caution, it is important to install smoke detectors throughout your home so you may quickly take action to ensure the safety of your family and home.

However, what do you do when a fire actually happens, and you are left to deal with the aftermath? Our SERVPRO team is equipped and trained to address the remaining smoke damage and soot resulting from the fire, as well as any water damage caused when flames were extinguished. By using specialized techniques and equipment, we do our best to clean each surface and restore it to its original state. When you see our team in action you will observe that each item is cleaned in a different way depending on its composition and condition- we may use a foam cleaner on upholstery while we will use a spray on other surfaces. All of this is done deliberately and based on industry best practices and our own expertise.

Once we have been able to remove as much of the damage as possible, it may be time to deodorize your home, an important step in returning everything to how it was. At SERVPRO we rely on the latest advances to achieve this final step, including ozone technology to essentially neutralize the odors in your home.

At SERVPRO of North Durham, we hope you will never experience a fire in your home. However, we are ready to spring into action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should your home fall victim to fire damage. Reach out by calling (919) 467-0880, and we will dispatch our team and equipment to your home as quickly as possible.

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Learn How SERVPRO Deals with Fire & Smoke Damage in Durham Residential Homes

12/20/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Learn How SERVPRO Deals with Fire & Smoke Damage in Durham Residential Homes Restoring your home from fire damage should be your #1 priority. Call SERVPRO of North Durham to get the process started.

Overcoming Smoke Damage Throughout Your Durham Home

Many Durham homeowners do not know that smoke damages from a fire can occur in various ways and affect their home differently than others. Without this standing knowledge of the conditions that fire can present to their property, they wait until the damage can get more closely assessed before contacting professional restorers to recover the house. From the time that fire gets extinguished at the home, smoke and other effects spread quickly through even unaffected areas to present a broad hazard to those still living in the house.

Fire/smoke damages within your Durham home require professional restoration from experienced technicians. Our SERVPRO team has extensive training in fire and smoke restoration to offer our customers cost-effective and efficient solutions to the effects of a disaster on their property. We can arrive quickly with air quality equipment to help improve the atmosphere within the house before and during the restoration work to come.

The first time that our team arrives at your property following a fire, we establish an understanding of the spread of the damage throughout the house with our full personal protective equipment. We can assess potential risks and hazards in the environment this way without compromising the safety of our SERVPRO technicians. With this assessment, we can determine the worst air quality concerns and set up equipment like hydroxyl generators to begin purifying the air and working to reduce the harsh odor often left behind by combustion.

Cleaning up smoke damage is also a chief concern of our technicians on site, as the residue left from dry and wet smoke can stain or irreparably damage fabrics, carpeting, and other materials and surfaces throughout your home. We have industrial-strength solvents and high-powered vacuums designed to remove the sediment from smoke damages from the fire.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

While many effects can threaten your property after a fire, smoke damages often pose the greatest concern to homeowners and the families. Our SERVPRO of North Durham fire restoration specialists can help. Give us a call anytime at (919) 467-0880.

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What SERVPRO Can Teach You About Odor Removal After A Fire In Your Durham Home

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What SERVPRO Can Teach You About Odor Removal After A Fire In Your Durham Home Home fires can be an extremely trying and frightening experience even after the fire has been put out.

Fire Damage Restoration In Durham Includes Odor Removal

Home fires can be an extremely trying and frightening experience even after the fire has been put out. Often, homeowners lose some of their personal belongings as well as contents inside the home. Plus, smoke residues can linger if they are not adequately dealt with by professionals. Also, fire can burn or char materials that can cause strong odors and weaken the structure of the home.

SERVPRO fire damage restoration services in Durham can return your residence to its preloss condition when possible. It is best to allow our certified technicians to inspect your home and remove offensive smoke odors. We can employ air scrubbers to eliminate smoke odors quickly. Plus, air movers, high-velocity axial fans, and industrial foggers may be put to use to flush out strong smoke smells. Techs can also utilize odor deodorizers and thermal foggers to neutralize and remove odors from the affected areas. These pieces of equipment also help to enhance the indoor atmosphere.

Charred and burned items such as couches, chairs, tables, carpeting, clothing, and curtains can also cause foul odors inside the property. Our technicians can discard those items with the homeowner’s permission. We clean, sanitize and store every Item that we save and can keep them in a secure storage area off-site until our team completes the job. The crew can also apply odor removing sprays to eliminate odors from contents and materials inside the home.

Also, we can use professional grade cleansers to remove soot, dirt, and debris from various surfaces affected by the fire such as the walls, ceilings and floors and other surfaces like counter-tops and windows. In some instances, the team may employ portable ozone machines to neutralize and remove foul smoke odors. If we use these machines, residents and any pets must vacate the premises until the process is complete due to the strong chemicals.

SERVPRO of North Durham fire damage restoration services can make it “Like it never even happened.” We are available 24/7 and are nearby and ready to serve Durham and surrounding areas that include Orange Factory, Rocky Knoll, Chester, Weaver, Gorman and Marcus Hook. Contact us at (919) 467-0880.

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Communication About The Processes Of Fire Damage Mitigation And Restoration In Durham

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Communication About The Processes Of Fire Damage Mitigation And Restoration In Durham When homeowners in Durham face fire damage, many of them just want to get things back to normal.

The Processes Of Fire Damage Mitigation And Restoration

After a traumatizing event in your Durham home involving fire and smoke, many personal belongings need specialized cleaning services, forming one of the more crucial aspects of mitigation and restoration. We clean many items on-site when space permits such activities. When we do not have enough space, we perform this at our facility.

When homeowners in Durham face fire damage, many of them just want to get things back to normal. Explaining each step of the restoration process to our customers can make the time required seem less stressful, as well as less mysterious. How we handle your personal belongings and household items is a relatively straightforward process.

SERVPRO technicians take great dare when packing these items up and filling out inventory lists, typically working in teams to make the work more efficient. These lists are not the only pieces of documentation we provide our customers, though. Each box, of course, has a corresponding label to each entry on the inventory sheets, but other labels can indicate the status of a box's contents.

We ensure that the label on each box provides current information about the contents. These labels inform you about questionable items, damaged belonging, and possible additional claims that need your attention. Questionable items typical cover those belongings that you, the customer, felt might have a chance at restoration and wanted our technicians to attempt cleaning the items. Some of these may become successful, others might break during cleaning (causing them to fall into the additional claims category), and others we leave for you to decide about the outcome.

Damaged items are those belongings we attempt to clean but because of exposure to heat during the fire or the contrast between the heat and the cold of the firefighters' water endure hairline cracks in its material end up broken even more. This is common and many times is not foreseeable by visually inspecting the items it occurs in before cleaning begins. You might still want to keep the item, or you may wish to file a claim on it with your insurance.

Claim items come from either of the two above categories when cleaning either reveals additional flaws, the item breaks further, or our best efforts do not satisfy you. You need to forward a list of these items to your insurance adjuster as soon as possible.

SERVPRO of North Durham can help homeowners in Rocky Knoll save their Bahama, Upland, of Marcus Hook home after it sustains fire damage. Calling our local 24-hour service line at (919) 467-0880 puts you in contact with friendly IICRC-certified technicians who know the importance of communication during the entire mitigation and restoration process.

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Leaving Your Slow Cooker Unattended Can Lead to a Fire in Your Durham Home

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Leaving Your Slow Cooker Unattended Can Lead to a Fire in Your Durham Home Crockpots and Instapots are very helpful for working families. Keep a close eye on them, however and replace if they get old. Contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Understand the Many Aspects of Fire Damage and the Appropriate Specialized Tools That are Most Effective for Remediation

With the long days that people are encouraged to work, it can be very tempting to throw something in a slow cooker in the morning and let it cook all day, but this can cause fire damage. A faulty outlet or old appliances are both common fire hazards inside of your residence. When it comes to the safety of your family and the longevity of your home, it is better not to leave appliances unattended inside of your home, even if they're advertised as an easy solution to dinner after a long day.
When accidents happen, it is a relief to know that expert help is not far from your home to help with the fire damage in Durham. We strive to answer your call no matter the time and get to your home as quickly as possible. No matter the size of the fire, large or small, we can find a way to help you and remediate your home.
The first SERVPRO employee to arrive at the scene of the fire damage is our estimator. They can go through the damage with you, identify some of the key factors of concern, and answer any questions you may have. While our estimator is walking you through the process, our technicians can arrive shortly after to begin the remediation.
SERVPRO has specialized tools to deal with the various categories of damage that fire can leave behind. It is not just ash that is caused by a blaze. Smoke can damage your furniture, clothes, electronics, and other belongings. Soot can leave behind greasy stains on your walls, floors, countertops, and stove.
Our IICRC-certified technicians can employ the use of air scrubbers with HEPA filters while we work to remove residues in your kitchen. The air scrubber can remove any odorous particles from the air while we tackle removing the tough stains from your home.
Do not delay when a fire occurs inside of your home. Dial (919) 467-0880 to get in touch with SERVPRO of North Durham. When it comes to fire, it is always better to jump straight to action and never to wait.
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Durham's Fire Damage Restoration Services

4/17/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Durham's Fire Damage Restoration Services Cleaning and Restoring Possessions and Structures Are Cornerstones of SERVPRO Services in the Durham Area

SERVPRO Offers Cleanup and Restoration for Durham Properties Post House Fires

Any time something burns inside your Durham home, multiple types of damage can take place. Some materials get burnt so severely that they must get removed and replaced. Other items get partially charred so that they need to get resurfaced and repainted.

Smoke created by the fire often travels to various rooms inside the house leaving behind soils and soot residues. SERVPRO's fire damage technicians in Durham offer a variety of services related to smoke and soot restoration. The full restoration process after a blaze requires following several steps.
The first type of service that gets performed after a house burns is mitigation. The goal of mitigation is to secure the structure and prevent further damage. Mitigation includes boarding up windows and emergency drying any water damage that occurred. For large scale building security outside contractors can be called in for those actions.
Next, structural cleaning takes place. The purpose of this step is to remove smoke damage from all components and deodorize them. In some scenarios, cleaning contents occurs when items are severely smoke damaged. Sometimes contents get cleaned on the job site other times they get transported to another location to get cleaned and deodorized. SERVPRO offers an excellent pack-out, storage, and rehabilitation service.

In certain situations, specialty restoration services get used to restore specific items. Some contents that need specialists to restore include electronics, dry cleaning of clothing, and resurfacing of furniture. At times artwork requires particular attention to restore to original conditions and can be sent out to a specialized company that excels at this cleaning.

In many scenarios, reconstruction takes place as a final step in the restoration process. In cases of severe fire damage, building contents get burned to the point of becoming non-salvageable. After all burnt materials get removed, the area is painted with a sealant paint so that any remaining foul odors get masked and encapsulated. Then the structural components get rebuilt which at times is more complicated than basic home remodeling.
The final goal of any fire restoration process is to bring the home back to preloss conditions whenever possible. For professional assistance with fire restorations services, call SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880 seven days a week.

Junior Fire Marshal Program Supports Safety, click for details.

Learn to Prevent and Mitigate Bathroom Fire Damage Incidents in Durham

3/1/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Learn to Prevent and Mitigate Bathroom Fire Damage Incidents in Durham Your bathroom's exhaust fan can accumulate lint and easily catch fire leaving your bathroom and home in need of fire damage restoration services.

Trust SERVPRO to Fully Restore Your Home after Fire Damage

Bathroom fire damage incidents are on the rise and data from the fire department can prove that as a fact. Most of these fires occur when the exhaust fans that we install in our bathroom malfunction for one reason or the other. Their work is to prevent mirrors from steaming up, dealing with fogged windows, and stopping damp walls. Sometimes they can prove vital when removing unpleasant smells. Useful as they are, they are a fire hazard to your Durham property.

As the fan runs over an extended period, lint and dust settles on it and insulates its motor. The insulation causes heat to build-up, and any spark can quickly ignite the lint. Within a short time, the fire can spread to any combustible material that is nearby, such as cosmetic towels. That is why our SERVPRO team advises you to clean the bathroom exhaust vent and tile walls where dust is likely to settle to prevent fire damage to your Durham home. Additionally, when your fan develops heat damage, you should consider making a replacement. It is also a good practice to turn off the fan when you are not using the bathroom.

We encourage you to work with our SERVPRO technicians when your property suffers fire damage. We know your structure requires a thorough cleaning, but we first perform a pretest before settling on appropriate restoration procedures. In situations where there are lighter soot deposits, repainting and refinishing might be unnecessary. Deep soot deposits may force us to prepare the area for repainting.

Normally, smoke leaves behind unpleasant odors that our SERVPRO technicians work towards eliminating. By using thermal foggers in a process known as deodorization, we can dispense deodorants that have odor-neutralizing properties. We also perform move-outs when we believe your contents are likely to get additional damage while the restoration work is in progress.

SERVPRO of North Durham is an industry leader that offers both commercial and residential cleaning and restoration services. Call us at (919) 467-0880 and get served by highly qualified technicians.  

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Useful Information About Fire Damage For Durham Residents

2/15/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Useful Information About Fire Damage For Durham Residents Durham Flames and Odors Are Components of a SERVPRO Cleanup and Restoration

By Relying on SERVPRO Your Durham Property Gets the Best Cleanup and Restoration Possible

If your property suffers a fire damage incident, you need to act fast to mitigate the damage and return it to its preloss state. At this time, quick inspection is necessary to know what you need to repair and what is salvageable. If you work with professionals in Durham, then there are high chances of having a quick recovery.

Timing is crucial when dealing with a fire damage incident in your Durham property. When the cleanup starts immediately, you stand a better chance of avoiding permanent damage and salvaging most of the items. It explains why most restoration companies like SERVPRO work 24 hours a day and readily respond if you give them a call. Remember these are emergencies which you should not take for granted.
One of the first things that our technicians do when you call them is to perform a fire testing and assessment. We conduct this process in every room as we check item by item to assess their degree of damage. The breadth of this inspection is dependent upon the degree (no pun intended) of the damage. At this point, we identify the fire type and select the most suitable cleaning method. It is the stage where we determine what should be replaced and what is salvageable as we do a complete inventory that covers all your contents.  We do stress that you as the customer, and your insurance adjuster if applicable, make the final decision on tossing materials and possessions.
The next step that our SERVPRO team performs is fire mitigation. It involves protecting the unaffected locations and where necessary treating any metallic materials in the site so that they do not suffer permanent damage as a result of acidic soot. Additionally, we remove any charred contents from the area and perform HVAC cleaning. We also determine whether there is a need to pack out some of your items to prevent possible damage and for off-site cleaning.
To eliminate the odors that are common after a fire, our SERVPRO technicians neutralize them through deodorization. Apparently, not all the smells come from the same source, and that means we have to identify the causes and remove them where possible. We usually use thermal foggers or Ultra Low Volume Foggers when dispensing the deodorizing agents into the target locations. For mechanical methods of changing the structural components of odors we can also use hydroxyl and ozone generators.
SERVPRO of North Durham responds to storm, mold, fire and water damage disasters irrespective of their size. Call us at (919) 467-0880 at any time of the day and be served by a trusted industry leader.

This NC city has a great future.

Fire Damage and Soot Cleanup from Electrical Incidents in Durham

1/2/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage and Soot Cleanup from Electrical Incidents in Durham Sooty Residue from an Electrical Fire in a Durham Home Gets Cleaned up by SERVPRO

Light Bulbs, Furnaces, and Wiring Often Are the Culprits Causing Home Fire & Smoke Damage

Common reasons for electrical fires in Durham can include light bulbs, lamps, and light fixtures. Installing a light bulb that has a wattage too high for the fixture or lamp you are putting it in is a leading cause of electrical fires. Be sure to check the minimum recommended wattage on any lamp or fixture and do not go above the recommended amount. Sometimes, a fire occurs when a paper or cloth is placed over a lampshade; the material heats up and ignites.
A fire in your Durham home from a faulty light fixture or bulb can cause a lot of fire damage fast. Hopefully, it was contained in the room it began in, but even then, you still have smoke and soot possibly in other areas of the home which needs to be cleaned. A SERVPRO crew is always here to help you in the event of an emergency, as we have the equipment and training needed to help you recover from a fire.
Not all soot residue is the same. Some kinds are easier to clean than others, and our technicians are trained to clean the four main types – wet, dry, fuel oil, or protein smoke residues. More kinds of materials are restorable in dry smoke conditions than wet. Dry residues carry few aerosols and deposit dry, small particles on surfaces. Dry smoke does not stain surfaces as deeply, either, and the odor is less pungent. Therefore, we need less aggressive cleaning procedures to get rid of dry smoke residues.
Wet smoke residues are harder to remove, so restoration is more difficult as well. A higher proportion of aerosols like solvents, varnishes, and other liquid components are in wet smoke. Wet smoke also moves slowly, so it has more time to get into crevices and enclosed areas.
For a fire like this, protein residues and fuel oil soot are likely not present. Protein residues mainly come from kitchen fires, while fuel oil soot happens after a furnace puff-back. The cleanup of spiderweb-like residues on the ceilings and walls needs professional help to limit smearing.
SERVPRO of North Durham is trained in cleaning all kinds of soot and smoke residues. No matter the type of fire you had in your home in Chester, Upland, and Orange Factory, we can clean and restore your home when you call us at (919) 467-0880.

More info on the local fire department right here.

Odor Control For Your Durham Home After A Fire

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Odor Control For Your Durham Home After A Fire Odor control goes a long way after your Durham home has suffered fire damage.

Odor Control

Even a small fire in your Durham home leaves behind various types of damage to clean up. You not only have to deal with what the flames burned, but you likely have water from the firefighters who helped put the fire out, and you have smoke and soot damage. It is not wise to leave any of it lingering for long before restoration is started, as more damage continues to occur.

Odor control goes a long way after your Durham home has suffered fire damage. At SERVPRO, we have the training and skills necessary to perform odor control thoroughly and correctly so that the smoke odors are no longer present in your home.

Various techniques are used in controlling odors. There are multiple phases to an odor control system. The first phase is called containment. Our goal is to block or contain odor molecules from vaporizing back into the air. We spray a chemical deodorizer onto materials causing the odor. The chemical makes a barrier that slows down or stops odor molecules from evaporation off the source material. We directly spray the smoke residues on charred areas with an odor counteractant using a pump-up sprayer.

The next phase is vapor control. SERVPRO techs counteract odor particles which became airborne before the spraying for containment. We apply products made to release deodorant vapors into the atmosphere. They counteract the malodor vapors they contact in the air. Vapor control is quite effective in fire damage cases.

The last phase of odor control is thermal fogging. We dispense solvent-based deodorants using thermal fogging equipment. They pass through a heated area and are combusted. Combustion breaks the deodorant solution down into very small particles. Because of the small size, the particles can go anywhere the malodor particles are pair with the malodor and neutralize it by changing the chemical composition. Dry fogs quickly penetrate and deodorize because of the small particle size. Most of it evaporates within a few hours. The last thing we do in the fogging procedure is ventilate the treated area.

SERVPRO of North Durham can come quickly after your home has suffered a from a fire. We can clean and repair all the damages for residents in the areas of Bahama, Durham, and Gorman, plus deodorize the smoke odors left behind when you give us a call at (919) 467-0880.

To learn more about the city of Durham click here.

Removing Smoke Odor After a Fire in Your North Durham Home

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Removing Smoke Odor After a Fire in Your North Durham Home Smoke odor can damage your home and it's contents and should be cleaned by a professional.

If you’ve ever accidentally burned your food instead of cooking it, you know first-hand how smoky your home can become. The smoke detector usually goes off, you open the windows, perhaps turn on a fan. Hours later the smoke smell still lingers, sometimes in your hair, or in the clothes you were wearing.

This is what happens on a larger scale when there is a fire in your home. The soot, and smoke embeds itself into your furniture, clothing and other porous items. Some homeowners attempt to remove the smoke odor themselves with consumer grade retails products and spray deodorizers; only to be frustrated when the smell returns. Smoke particles bury themselves into fibers, fabrics, and other porous items and need a professional deep clean in order to remove the lingering odor.

Some items in the home may only be lightly affected and simply need airing out. If items are covered in soot, it is best not to disturb them and allow our certified technicians to complete the job.

Here are some tips you can use before our North Durham technicians arrive onsite:

  • Limit movement in the home to prevent further damage.
  • Place dry, colorfast towels or old linens on carpeted traffic areas to prevent more soiling.
  • If electricity is off, empty the freezer and refrigerator and prop doors open.
  • Wipe soot from chrome on kitchen and bathroom faucets and appliances then protect with a light coating of lubricant.
  • Do not attempt to wash any walls or painted surfaces.
  • Do not attempt to shampoo carpet or upholstered furniture.
  • Do not attempt to clean any electrical appliances that may have been close to fire or water.

After your home is affected by smoke, contact SERVPRO® of North Durham at 919-790-1222, for our smoke odor removal services that will return your home to normal. Like it never even happened.®

Grilling Safety Tips for Your North Durham Home

5/25/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Grilling Safety Tips for Your North Durham Home The leading cause of home grilling fires are failure to clean the grill and leaks in gas/propane grills.

For many families, Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of the summer season. Grilling competitions and plenty of family gatherings are on the horizon. This also means the increase for fires. While NFPA cites July as the month with the highest number of outdoor grilling fires, May is the second highest month.

SERVPRO® of North Durham wants you to enjoy yourself and have a safe summer season. Here are some stats, do’s and don’ts for grilling.

Grill Facts

  • July is the peak month for grilling fires.
  • 16,600 people went to the emergency room in 2014 due to grilling related injuries.
  • 19% of all fires are due to a failure to clean the grill.
  • 23% of outside and unclassified grill fires were due to leaks or breaks
  • Gas grills pose a greater fire hazard than charcoal grills.


Use a Grill Indoors

            Even small tabletop grills need to be utilized outside. Grills release the deadly colorless, odorless gas called carbon monoxide. They are also a fire hazard. Only use electric grills marked safe for indoor usage inside.

Turn on the Gas While The Lid Is Closed

            This can cause the gas to build up inside the grill. Once you light the grill and then open it there is the potential for it to explode, causing serious injury.

Overload Your Grill with Food

            While it may be tempting especially when feeding a large gathering, overcrowding the grill with fatty items can cause large fire flares.

Leave the Grill Unattended

            Have all your prep work ready so when you are grilling  you do not have to leave the area. Fires double in size every minute. Catching a fire early is key to keeping it from spreading.


Check for Propane Leaks

            When using your grill for the first time after the winter season, you should check your gas and propane grill for leaks. Simply apply a light soap and water solution to the hose and then turn on the gas. If there is a leak in the hose, the soap solution will bubble. Leaks are also evident by a flame that refuses to light or the smell of gas.

Keep Your Grill Clean

            Dirty grills are one of the leading causes of home grilling fires. Be sure to remove grease and any buildup from the grill and in the tray below the grill. Charcoal grill users should allow the coals to cool completely before disposing of coals and ashes.

Place Your Grill on Stable Ground

            The grill should be level on a flat surface.

Wait to Re-Light

            If the flame goes out, turn off the grill and the gas, then wait a minimum of five minutes before re-lighting it.

Have a Safe And Enjoyable Summer

These home grilling safety tips can help prevent fire, injuries, and damage to property. If disaster does strike, SERVPRO® of North Durham is always here, 24/7.


What To Do After A Fire

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After a fire displaces you from your home, it can be difficult to know what to do next. These tips will get you started in the right direction.


Set-up Shelter  For large scale fires that affect the community, local disaster relief services, such as the Red Cross or Salvation Army, may already be on site. They can be of assistance if you need temporary food, medicines, and a place to stay.


Contact Your Insurance Agent  You’ll need to start a claim. See if your policy has any  ‘Loss of Use’ funding available to cover living and other daily expenses while you are displaced. Be sure to save any receipts during this time, as you may need to have accountability of your spenditures. Once a claim has been placed you’ll need someone to begin the process of restoring your home to its preloss condition. You can contact us 24/7, at 919-790-1222 to handle your contents and structure needs.


Going Back to the Site   If the fire department has cleared your property as safe to return, conduct an inventory of all damaged property and contents. Taking pictures is the simplest way to do this. Attempt to locate any valuable documents and records, and your home safe deposit box.


Take Care of your Finances   During the midst of this loss, you are still responsible for mortgage payments, even if your home is totally destroyed. You will need to notify your mortgage company of the fire loss and they may be able to provide some guidance. 


Your local SERVPRO® of North Durham is available 24/7. We’re always here to help.

Christmas Tree Safety, keeping the Triangle RDU area safe

12/13/2016 (Permalink)

As I pulled up to my local grocery store in North Raleigh today, I noticed employees setting up an area outside to start selling fresh trees. Already? Thanksgiving is a week away, can't we celebrate one holiday at a time? I know, I know, it is the "most wonderful time of the year". I must admit, the joy and nostalgia I experience while decorating my tree and home, the glow of lights sparks memories and warms the soul. With that said, it is important to know that fires unfortunately are common this time of year.  Christmas tree fires account for approximately 13 million dollars a year in damages. Follow these tips from The American  Christmas Tree Association (yes, there truly is an association for everything) for a safe holiday season.

-Fresh trees are less likely to catch fire. Choose a tree with vibrant needles. 

-Place your tree away from all heat sources.

-Properly care for your tree. The tree base should always have fresh water inside to prevent the tree from drying out. 

-Be sure all your indoor and outdoor lights have been tested in a lab by the UL or ETL/ITSNA for safety and throw away damaged lights.

-Keep all candles away from furniture, decor and your Christmas tree

-Bedtime means lights off! Unplug all Christmas lights!

Stay safe and enjoy "the most wonderful time of the year".