Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Sump Pump Clogged, Can Cause Mold Damage in Durham

We all realize that sump pumps are important devices to protect against flooding, water loss, and secondary mold damage. Property owners in Durham should inspec... READ MORE

Demolition for Mold Remediation in Gorman

Sometimes the mold colonies have expanded, and the hyphae have deeply embedded themselves in the drywall panels, a favorite food source. After the moisture sour... READ MORE

Mold Remediation In Rougemont

When a mold infestation has taken over your home, you need a professional restoration company like SERVPRO to help you. Our team of professionals is ready and a... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup in a Gorman Kitchen

Water leaks are the usual culprit that allow for dormant mold spores to flourish into large, destructive colonies. Whether the kitchen in a Gorman home or its b... READ MORE

Significant Mold Damage in a Gorman House

Mold can quickly become a destructive force in a Gorman home if it is not addressed promptly. The removal of the mold-infested drywall in the Before Photo was t... READ MORE

Mold Activity in a Durham Attic

The lack of humidity control in the attic crawl space allowed mold spores to propagate and develop into mold patches on the underside of the roofing material. N... READ MORE