What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Very professional. Would give them an 11 on communication.

Donovan and Andrew were both courteous, worked with us on our budget, and was professional. It was a pleasure to do business with SERVPRO®.

Before the flood happened at our home in Durham, I was planning to have it renovated and then give my mother a family memorial service. She passed away in February last year.


I would like to thank Brandon J. and SERVPRO® for the outstanding services that he and his team provided in the removal of the mold and asbestos caused by the flooding. I live 5 1/2 hours from Durham. Trying to be on top of the situation that far away was extremely challenging. Brandon did an excellent job of keeping us informed in the up to the minute status of his work. And, he was very patient with me and very professional.


We came to look at the house this past weekend not knowing what to expect as to how it would all look. I am pleased and relieved to say that we were really impressed at the work that Brandon did. It actually looked great!


People like Brandon make a company be spoken of highly. I truly hope that your company values him. I intend to share this with my family and friends.

Very professional. 

Thank you

My spirits are not too bright because of the mess my house is in, but my opinion of your staff is over the top. Those I've met and those I've talked with on the telephone couldn't have been nicer or more willing to help. You have a great group. Thanks again.


Louise M.

The two team members that responded could not be any better. So courteous and very knowledgeable.  Me being an older person, I so appreciate their respect and kindness. SERVPRO can be very proud of them and more companies would be very fortunate to have employees like these two gentlemen.  Kudos to you for hiring them both and to them for being who they are.  Made my experience much easier for me.