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Drying Methods Can Make A Big Difference During Water Cleanup In Durham

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Drying Methods Can Make A Big Difference During Water Cleanup In Durham Professional water cleanup technicians must use appropriate drying techniques when mitigating water damage challenges.

Drying Methods Can Make A Big Difference During Water Cleanup

Professional water cleanup technicians must use appropriate drying techniques when mitigating water damage challenges. There are specialized equipment and drying methodology to choose from, and the situation at hand determines the methods we select. Some of the methods we use when addressing water intrusion challenges in Durham include open drying, closed drying, and dehumidification.

When the outside air is drier and warmer compared to the one inside your Durham property during water cleanup, the SERVPRO team may decide to use open drying. It means we have to measure the temperature inside and outside the building to be sure this method can effectively speed up the rate of evaporation. For this method to work, the outside air needs to contain over 20 grains of water per pound when equated to the one in structure.

If we have to implement open drying, then our SERVPRO technicians start by sealing off the affected area from the outside air. We can do this by closing all doors and windows as well as installing dehumidification, air movement, and heating equipment to control the inside environment and remove the evaporated water vapor. In situations where the affected area is a small part of a big room, then we can create a drying chamber by surrounding the area with plastic sheeting.

Evaporation adds moisture to the air, and there is a need to remove it through dehumidification. Our SERVPRO technicians can decide to use refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifiers. Refrigerant dehumidifiers cool the air they take in below the dew point, and it condenses in its internal evaporation coils. We then remove the water that collects, and the process goes on and on. On the other hand, desiccant dehumidifiers work by absorbing the moisture from the damp air. The equipment has two outlets with one blowing dry air into the structure and the other one removing wet air from the building.

SERVPRO of North Durham is a trusted leader in mold, storm, fire, and water damage restoration. Call us at (919) 467-0880 for our highly trained technicians to return your property to its preloss condition.

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The Mold Damage That Harms Your Durham Residence

7/31/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Mold Damage That Harms Your Durham Residence Mold and mildew can grow almost anywhere in Durham properties.

Mold Damage In Your Residence

Mold and mildew can grow almost anywhere in Durham properties. These microbes often remain undiscovered until their colonies become quite large. They also come in different colors, with some sticky while other strains of microbes seem dusty, instead.

Your dwelling in Durham can contain mold damage from one or more of several strains of microbe. All microbial infestations covering an area larger than ten square feet require professional remediation to protect the home from current damage. SERVPRO's remediation services address this as well as the prevention of future problems, including the possibility of other colonies forming in other locations.

When we remediate a home, we make sure that the area we work on remains enclosed in a negative pressure containment system. We set these up to keep any free-floating microbes from passing into clean sections of your house. The way these systems catch microbes forces them either outside or into a HEPA filter. Both methods work well at removing these excess microbes.

We realize that many microbes might already exist in the air within your home, just waiting for the perfect spot. We counter this with different methods. We use air scrubbers in other areas of your home to remove any spores that already escaped. Mold can release spores at any time. We also treat mold-prone areas with antimicrobial sprays.

Microbes require the presence of moisture before they can begin growing. Your home's indoor climate should stay dry enough to prevent any overgrowth of microbes. Mold damage indicates that a leak or other source of moisture exists. We rely on our moisture sensors to locate these so we can eliminate them. Even slight elevations can cause mold problems, and any amount can lead to structures in your home becoming damaged from the water itself.

SERVPRO of North Durham is ready to help your family live in a freshly-remediated home that is now free of mold damage. Clean air keeps you from breathing in spores that might cause health effects. We are here to help you keep your home safe and healthy, and only a phone call away. Contact us at (919) 467-0880, so we can start remediation and restore your home “Like it never even happened.”

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Acting Quickly to Limit Flood Damages in Your Durham Home

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Acting Quickly to Limit Flood Damages in Your Durham Home SERVPRO Advices to Have Flood Insurance to Protect Your Durham Property

SERVPRO Says We're Faster To Any Size Disaster--Call for Storm Damage Help

The unpredictable weather of the spring and summer months throughout the Durham area can leave your home a little worse for the wear. As possible as it is for your home to sustain damages all at once that can lead to emergency conditions, more often, these damages are slow and happen over years of wear. Once enough roof or siding damage has occurred, these elements fail at their weakest points and allow for water penetration.

While this might not always lead to flood damages in your Durham residence, a significant storm with a hard run off or torrential rainfall could flood your home over a brief period. Depending on where your house sustained the storm damages that allowed the penetration, various areas of your residence could have to face this high volume of water. Your best solution is to reach out to our SERVPRO restoration team immediately.

Not only does your insurance company require the assessment of a professional to finalize claims to pay for restoration work on your house, this same assessment can help you to better understand the damage that your home has sustained throughout the flooding for yourself. This inspection details the areas of your home that require the most attention, what equipment is necessary, and also what contents and structural components within your house have become irreparably damaged.

Our SERVPRO professionals also work as quickly as possible to mitigate the damages to your home to prevent them from getting worse. Even amid the inspection process, which can be an involved step, mitigation must begin right away to keep the cost of the restoration down and unsalvageable damage to a minimum.

There is no way to prepare for a flood occurring within your home adequately, but with the right professional assistance, you do not have to be on your own to clean up the mess and restore the damages. Depend on our SERVPRO of North Durham team of restoration specialists. Give our emergency response team a call at the first sign of water damage at (919) 467-0880.

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Lower The Stress Of a Commercial Water Disaster In Durham

7/3/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Lower The Stress Of a Commercial Water Disaster In Durham As an ERP Client of SERVPRO, Your Commercial Property in Durham Is Well-Prepared for Water-Damaging Events

Plan Ahead with SERVPRO's ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan to Keep Your Business Functioning

When a significant amount of water invades your Durham business the anxiety and fear you and your employees feel can be crushing. Dealing with a water removal scenario needs a fast and professional response from a company specializing in water damage restoration. Anticipating the worst by working proactively with our experts to develop a water disaster plan reduces the tension you feel and allows you to continue the meeting the needs of your customers while we restore your property.
Moisture can invade your business for a broad range of reasons and from many sources in Durham. Standing water removal followed by structural drying must occur within hours of the incident as damage to building materials, and contents begin immediately and progress. Waiting even a day exposes your property to the risk of secondary damage such as mold growth and loss or documents and destruction of equipment. We offer an emergency planning service that allows us to get on the job quickly and efficiently.
The SERVPRO Emergency READY Plan and Profile (ERP) builds an informed partnership between your business and our team should water removal, or other recovery efforts be needed. The first step is for one of our experienced project managers to visit your commercial property. We assess all aspects of your buildings risks if a water crisis occurs, speaking in depth with you about your operations so we understand how an emergency might affect your delivery of services and products.
During the assessment expect SERVPRO to make recommendations that limit the possibility of irreparable damage when a water loss occurs. We might suggest a different storage system or the securing of business documents and equipment away from areas more likely to flood. Pictures and diagrams obtained during the assessment permit us to pre-plan our water removal approach to minimize disruption to your business and customers.
You add detail and direction by using our mobile app to share information with SERVPRO in an easily accessed form that does not require additional conversations at the time of a disaster. You designate us as your restoration firm of choice and can list trusted employees, friends, or family to act on your behalf if you cannot direct the restoration temporarily because you are out of town or otherwise unavailable. Share the names and contact details of vendors and contractors who can help us with systems and other questions we have about your business.
SERVPRO of North Durham can get to work on your water removal crisis immediately if we collaborate ahead of time on an Emergency READY Plan and Profile. Schedule a proactive assessment by calling us at (919) 467-0880.

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Mold Damage Can Affect Damp Areas Of Your Durham Residence

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Can Affect Damp Areas Of Your Durham Residence You might not notice mildew or mold damage in its initial growth stages if it occurs in rarely visited areas of your home.

Mold Damage Can Affect Damp Areas Of Your Home

If your home in Durham has an attic, basement, or garage, moisture can accumulate in these areas easily during the colder winter months. Both showering and cooking produce large amounts of moisture that enters the air and can end up in these areas as condensation.

Durham residents might not notice mildew or mold damage in its initial growth stages if it occurs in rarely visited areas of the home. During the summer months, the need for sporting equipment or camping gear can reveal moldy boxes and equipment or areas on walls and ceilings.

SERVPRO can help you save time and money while also reducing the general aggravation of finding damaged belongings and structures in your home by performing mold remediation services for you. Because mold growth produces spores, this microorganism can cause health effects, especially in sensitive people.

The EPA recommends against homeowners removing mold from areas more massive than 10 square feet themselves and instead cautions the homeowner in general to seek professional remediation services. Our technicians hold certifications from the IICRC and have gained extensive experience from performing this work in both large and small jobs in both residential settings and businesses of all types.

SERVPRO's services include both remediation of your home's structure and also of any affected contents. We remove mold and its spores from your home so new colonies cannot start a new infestation. Our techniques include the use of air scrubbers, in conjunction with negative air pressure set-ups, that pull spores and mold particles, dust, and anything else in the air, out of your home and away from your residence.

Once we finish removing damaged materials and clean things up, we apply antimicrobial agents to keep mold from coming back. However, one of the first things our experts do before we begin remediation involves the use of moisture readers to determine where the moisture came from that allowed the problem of mold damage to start in the first place. Repairing any defects that permit water to enter through rarely occupied areas of your house minimizes the chances of the problem from arising again in the future.

SERVPRO of North Durham's technicians are always ready to help homeowners in Rougemont and Marcus Hook reclaim their dwellings from the destruction mold damage so easily causes. Contact us by calling our local emergency service line at (919) 467-0880. We are always available to answer your call.

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Understanding Some Aspects of Flood Restoration In Your Durham Home

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Understanding Some Aspects of Flood Restoration In Your Durham Home Stormwater Removal and Drying in Durham Needed? The Solution is SERVPRO

Durham Property Owners Look to SERVPRO for Storm Damage Mitigation

For as much potential hazards that could affect your Durham home, many homeowners opt for extensive coverage for their insurance to satisfy all of these possible problems. While you might get covered, when disaster strikes, seeing the kind of damage that nature can do to your property can leave you speechless. Fortunately, professional restoration services can help you to overcome any of the obstacles standing between the current conditions and a fully restored homestead.

One of the most commonly added options for insurance for homes in the Durham area is flooding. With the severe weather systems that can pass through the region with little warning, many homes are in the lower lying areas where flooding can readily occur. The trouble is, many homeowners do not realize that their houses are susceptible to these floodwaters until the damage has already occurred. By this point, you have to look for quick repairs and home restoration to overcome this present damage and prevent it from happening again in the immediate future.

When our SERVPRO professionals arrive at your home following a storm initiated flood, our priority is to seal off the areas of vulnerability (when possible) to prevent the same issue from happening again. The solution may be as fundamental as using hydraulic cement to patch over holes and cracks in the mortar joints in the blockwork. However, there are other times where this process requires more intricate action to prevent further water penetration.

Extraction is the next step, as pooling water can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home. Water removal, executed by our skilled IICRC certified technicians using industry-leading equipment, is key to storm damage mitigation. In some cases, flood cuts by our SERVPRO technicians, this is the removal of drywall or paneling allowing for thorough drying of the inside of wall cavities. This process also quickly removes excess moisture from these saturated construction materials reducing the overall drying time.

This introduction to the flood restoration work that our SERVPRO of North Durham professionals do might be brief and concise, but it can show you how quickly we work to ensure that your home gets protected from further damage. Our team is available 24/7 to help you through any emergency that you face. Give us a call anytime at (919) 467-0880.

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Why SERVPRO Has Its Work Cut Out for Water Removal from Durham Basements

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why SERVPRO Has Its Work Cut Out for Water Removal from Durham Basements Finding water damage in your basement can cause panic. Contact SERVPRO right away for drying out and remediation services.

Certified Technicians are Trained to Dry Out Your Property After Water Damage

While water removal from a Durham home is rarely an easy task to accomplish, reversing the damage done to a basement can be another matter entirely. In most cases where water damage is severe enough to reach the subterranean level of a home, there is enough liquid to remain pooled and soaked into the materials down there, unable to escape back into the air up above. While drying out upper levels of a home may be possible with proper aeration and climate conditions, SERVPRO has to take extra steps to ensure that the average basement remains free of excess moisture after our restorations are complete.

Water Extraction
The first step in many basement water removal cases in Durham is to extract any pooled standing water in the area. Being the lowest point in both the home and the surrounding area, any standing water remaining in the basement should have nowhere else to flow. We use either truck-mounted or portable water extraction technology to pump water out to the street or nearby natural areas and away from your home. Only once this task has been completed can we worry about other drying work.

Complete Dehumidification
Ensuring low relative humidity in a basement is a critical part of our work, as exposure to high relative atmospheric humidity for an extended time can degrade structural materials and cost thousands of dollars in damages later on. Without many windows or wind currents flowing through the area, a basement cannot lose water in its atmosphere or soaked into materials at all without the help of an experienced crew fielded by a certified company like SERVPRO. We take care to simultaneously take water out of the air and whisk it off of affected surfaces to provide a fuller, more complete drying experience for your home.

SERVPRO of North Durham has handled dozens of basement water removal jobs over the years and is available on a 24/7 basis to respond to your calls for help. Contact us at  (919) 467-0880.
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Durham’s Mold Damage Technicians Explain Air Scrubbing Machines

5/30/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Durham’s Mold Damage Technicians Explain Air Scrubbing Machines If mold ever develops inside your Durham townhome, it can spread into areas throughout the building.

Mold Damage Technicians Explain Air Scrubbing Machines

If mold ever develops inside your Durham townhome, it can spread into areas throughout the building. Once a fungus develops it forms structures called hyphae that release reproductive spores into the air. These spores are microscopic and can float long distances before settling onto wet, organic materials.

Since fungi can cause health effects with some people, extra measures get taken to remediate the problem and keep the contamination from spreading and negatively affecting air quality. Specialized equipment and techniques are always implemented when mitigating mold damage in Durham. After our SERVPRO technicians determine where the growth has taken place, they seal off the affected region with thick plastic and poles.

After the containment chamber is set up a hole gets cut into the side to allow for a machine that helps clean contaminated air. Our SERVPRO specialists attach an air scrubber to the side of the hole in the chamber so that the machine creates negative air pressure inside the contained section. The negative air pressure sucks up any spores and dust particles created by the restoration process. The machine also works to clean or scrub the air inside the contained region.

All of the air that is sucked into the air scrubber gets pulled through a specialized filter. These HEPA filters can trap microscopic particles. In many cases, these systems will stay set up throughout the work process to keep cleaning the air throughout the restoration. In some cases, the air being exhausted out by the air scrubber gets ran to an area that is wet and requires drying.

Plastic sheeting shaped like hoses can be run from the air scrubbers into a tight region such as an attic or crawl space. The air can also be directed into an air mover rapid drying circulation to help their efficiency. If needed, the plastic hoses can run from the air scrubber to the affected area that needs cleaning. This method comes in handy when the contaminated region is in a tight spot such as a closet, attic, or crawl space.

If the air scrubber was placed inside the contaminated region, then it gets HEPA vacuumed and cleaned off with anti-microbial chemicals before leaving the containment chamber. If you ever need assistance with a fungus, call SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880 24 hours a day.

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Durham's Commercial Water Damage Technicians Discuss Drying

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Durham's Commercial Water Damage Technicians Discuss Drying Durham Professionals Turn to SERVPRO for Water Removal from Their Offices and Clinics

Water Extraction and Restoration Results Must Meet Certain Stringent Parameters in Health Care Facilities

If a water leak ever takes places at your doctor's office in Durham, extraction, and drying should take place within 48 hours. If materials inside the office stay wet for longer than 48 hours, mold growth can occur. Since mold can cause health effects, it is essential that microbial growth does not take place in your business due to a water leak.
The first step in the mitigation process is to eliminate any potential hazards and make sure that your doctor's office is safe for your employees and patients. The next step in a commercial water damage project in Durham is the extraction stage. If there are more than two inches of water on the floor of your office, our SERVPRO technicians use submersible pumps to pull the water out of the building into a sewer drain. After that, we use our specialized extraction system to remove moisture out of carpet and upholstery.
Once we extract as much water as we can, the rapid structural drying begins. During this stage, we create an indoor environment that speeds up evaporation and drying. To create this ideal environment, our IICRC certified crew sets up a combination of an air moving system and dehumidifiers.
Depending on the severity of the damage, at times we utilize equipment only during off-hours so that your business can stay open. In the event of contaminated water intrusion from flooding of any sorts, then the doctor's office should be closed until cleaned, disinfected, and okayed for reopening by the local authorities. If drying is necessary during operating hours, then we can work on drying a small section of the building at a time so that patients can still be seen. When equipment is set up, it gets strategically placed in areas that do not disrupt foot traffic.
Before equipment gets placed in your doctor's office, our SERVPRO technicians always establish a drying goal. To figure out when to pull the drying equipment, we first test the relative humidity and materials such as wood and drywall in the affected region. We then use these initial readings to establish what we want the humidity and moisture levels to be at the end of the drying process.
We keep a record of the test results and come back each day the equipment is set up and take humidity and moisture content readings. Once the relative humidity and moisture content levels inside the wood and drywall reach the initially desired and recorded goal, our technicians remove the air movers and dehumidifiers. For professional assistance with structural drying at your office, call SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880 any day of the week.

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Leaving Your Slow Cooker Unattended Can Lead to a Fire in Your Durham Home

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Leaving Your Slow Cooker Unattended Can Lead to a Fire in Your Durham Home Crockpots and Instapots are very helpful for working families. Keep a close eye on them, however and replace if they get old. Contact SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Technicians Understand the Many Aspects of Fire Damage and the Appropriate Specialized Tools That are Most Effective for Remediation

With the long days that people are encouraged to work, it can be very tempting to throw something in a slow cooker in the morning and let it cook all day, but this can cause fire damage. A faulty outlet or old appliances are both common fire hazards inside of your residence. When it comes to the safety of your family and the longevity of your home, it is better not to leave appliances unattended inside of your home, even if they're advertised as an easy solution to dinner after a long day.
When accidents happen, it is a relief to know that expert help is not far from your home to help with the fire damage in Durham. We strive to answer your call no matter the time and get to your home as quickly as possible. No matter the size of the fire, large or small, we can find a way to help you and remediate your home.
The first SERVPRO employee to arrive at the scene of the fire damage is our estimator. They can go through the damage with you, identify some of the key factors of concern, and answer any questions you may have. While our estimator is walking you through the process, our technicians can arrive shortly after to begin the remediation.
SERVPRO has specialized tools to deal with the various categories of damage that fire can leave behind. It is not just ash that is caused by a blaze. Smoke can damage your furniture, clothes, electronics, and other belongings. Soot can leave behind greasy stains on your walls, floors, countertops, and stove.
Our IICRC-certified technicians can employ the use of air scrubbers with HEPA filters while we work to remove residues in your kitchen. The air scrubber can remove any odorous particles from the air while we tackle removing the tough stains from your home.
Do not delay when a fire occurs inside of your home. Dial (919) 467-0880 to get in touch with SERVPRO of North Durham. When it comes to fire, it is always better to jump straight to action and never to wait.
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