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Water Removal Services for Your Durham Home After a Storm

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Water Removal Services for Your Durham Home After a Storm It is important to remove the water from your home after a storm as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Steps to Successful and Thorough Water Removal

Flooding in the home causes some initial damage to items like books, magazines, and other paper items. Fabric (drapes and upholstered furniture) is another item that can suffer damage quickly before any restoration work can begin. Preventing permanent, more expensive damage soon becomes the objective.

When it comes to water removal for a North Durham home, time is critical. Just as important is removing it without causing further damage to the home. At SERVPRO, we have two goals: Minimize the damage that has already happened and get the water out before more damage can occur.

Our first step is to stop more water coming into the home. If the source is coming from a broken pipe or appliance, we turn off the water leading into the home. It stops the flow and gives our technicians the opportunity to find the leak if we have not been able to yet. If it is from outside (backed up storm drains for example), we try to block it using sandbags or otherwise redirect it.

Now, we bring in pumps to remove standing water. These commercial grade machines work quickly on water over two inches in depth. Once the water is low enough that we can see the carpet clearly, we replace the pumps with water extraction wands. These specially designed water vacuums draw water out of carpets and from between floorboards without damaging either.

If the power in the home remains off because water got into the outlets or the local power was knocked out, we augment these devices with our generators. For larger jobs, we have generator trucks that can be parked onsite to provide all the power we need for 24-hour operations if needed.

With a large amount of water removed, we pull up the carpets and remove the carpet pads. These items are challenging to dry, and it is not cost effective to do so. Once they are gone, technicians may use water extraction wands again to remove remaining, small amounts of water, but in most cases, we introduce air movers and fans to dry the surface.

For wood flooring, SERVPRO checks the sub-floor for moisture and standing water. We try to pull up a small piece of the floor to insert a hose connected to a pump to drain water or an air mover to force warm air into this space to dry moisture that a pump or extractor cannot remove. When needed, our IICRC-certified technicians may use an exhaust fan on floors (and carpets) to help draw out the damp air.

Quickly removing water is the first step to restoring your home after a flood. SERVPRO of North Durham is fully trained and equipped to stop ongoing problems and prevent more damage from adding to an already stressful situation. To schedule an inspection or if you just have a question, call today at (919) 467-0880. We are here for you.

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Restoration Steps After Water Damage To Your Durham Diner

9/5/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoration Steps After Water Damage To Your Durham Diner SERVPRO Keeps Your Eatery in Durham Dry

Businesses Rely on SERVPRO for Water Remediation

Water damage to your diner is a nightmare. SERVPRO understands how stressful it is. All it takes is a leaking appliance or a damaged pipe for water to get in and cause problems in your diner. You might have to close up while you fix the problem. However, who has time for that? You need your eatery reopened as soon as possible so you can get customers back in the door and keep taking money at the cash registers.
SERVPRO is on hand to help with water damage to your Durham diner. We have experience in dealing with water damages of all sizes, which means we have the skill and equipment necessary to get your establishment back up and running in no time - “Like it never even happened.” We train all our technicians to IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards and our teams know the exact steps to take in any water damage situation.
The first thing is to remove water from your diner. We have free-standing, submersible and truck-mounted pumps on hand, and we use them in conjunction with extraction tools and wands to pump the water out of your premises.
Next, we assess the situation. We use a combination of moisture meters, penetrating moisture probes, and thermal hygrometers to measure humidity and search for hidden patches of damp, such as under the carpet or behind a kitchen cabinet. SERVPRO knows that a visual assessment is never enough, which is why we use a range of testing equipment.
Once we know what we are dealing with, we set to work drying out your business. The drying process might include using extraction wands to remove water from carpets or upholstered furniture, or covering zippers on your favorite booth cushions with wax paper to prevent rust bleeding across the fabric. We spot-treat stubborn water stains on upholstery, and carefully remove baseboards if necessary to dry out cabinets.
We use a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out every corner of your diner, including the pantry, kitchen, between shelves, around furniture, and anywhere else that moisture lingers. We realize that preservation of inventory in a food business is just as important as saving the structure and fixtures.
We aim to get you back in business as soon as possible. Call SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880 for help dealing with water on your premises in Orange Factory, Chester, and surrounding areas.

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Dealing With Mold Damage in Your Durham Home Properly

8/27/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Dealing With Mold Damage in Your Durham Home Properly When your roof has been leaking for a long time, you could have water and mold damage. Contact SERVPRO quickly to assess and formulate a plan.

Trained SERVPRO Technicians Get a Quick Handle on Mold on Your Property

Mold can develop gradually over time, staying dormant, waiting for the right conditions to exist that make spreading throughout your Durham home easier. In every instance where mold grows out of hand, excessive moisture is the most likely culprit. Controlling moisture levels in your home controls the spread of mold, it is that simple.

When you have a roof leak, plumbing problem, flood, or storm damage that allows moisture access to unprotected areas of your home, mold damage in Durham develops soon after. Water is the final ingredient that mold needs to flourish, taking nourishment from the abundance of organic materials used to build your home. It enjoys sulking in dark, damp areas of your home such as your attic, basement, or tight hard to reach crawlspaces.

The signs of early mold growth include water stains or a dank, musty odor not unlike working with fresh potting soil or gardening after a day of rain. The odor becomes more identifiable as mold growth develops in your home. However, by the time you can see mold growth on your walls, ceiling, carpet, furniture, or bathroom fixtures, there often lurks a larger problem hidden elsewhere that takes a professional to control.
SERVPRO provides you with access to IICRC-industry certified technicians, well-versed in the mold remediation process. We use a variety of methods to control mold growth in your home, including containment protocols to prevent further spread and personal protective equipment to limit exposure. We carefully remove any saturated materials and treat each area individually.  

SERVPRO technicians help recover appliances, furniture, and personal items that receive mold damage. However, it is entirely possible that not all of your items are restorable, in cases like these, you determine what should happen. Technicians follow local, state, and federal guidelines, including those expressed by the EPA to properly transport and dispose of contaminated materials.  

SERVPRO teams work hard to return your home to a clean, healthy environment and even provide you with recommendations to prevent issues like this from developing in the future.  

Take the time to contact SERVPRO of North Durham at the first signs of mold growth in your home; we can help. (919) 467-0880

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SERVPRO Tackles Storm Flood Damage in Durham With Air Movers and Dehumidifiers

8/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO Tackles Storm Flood Damage in Durham With Air Movers and Dehumidifiers Flooding after a storm can be overwhelming. After you and your family have reached safety, contact SERVPRO for remediation efforts.

Our Certified Technicians Assess the Damage and Put Together an Effective Remediation Plan

North Carolina residents know all too well the devastation storms can wreak. A severe storm can damage property, even flip houses, and of course, there is also the issue of flood damage from storm water. In the event of flood water entering your home, it is a good idea to get in touch with SERVPRO as soon as you can. We have the equipment and skilled technicians on hand to get your home liveable again as soon as possible.
One important aspect of flood damage remediation in Durham is the drying process. Our teams arrive at the scene equipped to pump flood water from your house. After we achieve water removal, it is time to turn our attention to drying your home. Fast drying is vital to prevent further damage or even mold growth on your property. Of course, fast drying is also an important part of restoring your home so you can continue with your life.
We use two main pieces of equipment for drying your home: dehumidifiers and air movers.
Dehumidifiers draw in moisture-saturated air and pass it over cooling coils where it forms condensation which is collected in drip trays. Air movers encourage evaporation by directing air over wet surfaces. More evaporation means faster drying times.
SERVPRO understands that calculating the position of air movers and dehumidifiers is key to effective drying.
The number of dehumidifiers needed depends not only on the amount of moisture in your home, but on the extent of the damage, and the types of materials that are wet (such as porous or nonporous). Our IICRC-certified technicians take into account the humidity, the nature of the environment, and the type and capacity of dehumidifiers at hand to calculate how many dehumidifiers to use.
The number and type of air movers we need depends on the kind of materials that are wet, the extent of water damage, and the layout of the room or building. We use a combination of downdraft, centrifugal and low profile air movers for maximum effect.
Contact SERVPRO of North Durham at (919) 467-0880 today for help with flood remediation in Durham, Rocky Knoll, Rougemont and the surrounding areas.

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SERVPRO Goes Room To Room To Fix Water Damage In Durham

8/18/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage SERVPRO Goes Room To Room To Fix Water Damage In Durham Durham Water Cleanup for Drapes and Belongings Are Done by SERVPRO

Durham Water Removal May Require Professional Help

Water damage happens very easily and can affect any room in your home. There are many causes of water damage, including floods or severe weather, a leaking roof, a damaged appliance, a broken pipe, or water from your garden. Because there are so many ways water can harm your home, at times, it may be impossible to tell which room might be affected. Water can get into any room of your home and cause damage and increased risk of mold growth.
No matter where water damage occurs in your Durham home, SERVPRO is on hand to help out. We train our experienced IICRC-certified technicians to deal with a broad range of possible water damage situations.
The remedy in every situation begins by removing as much water as possible. We use floor standing and truck mounted pumps and extraction equipment to get the visible water out of your home before drying begins.
We tackle problems in your family room or den by using dehumidifiers, air movers, and specialty drying techniques to dry out waterlogged sofas, carpets, and even your favorite easy chair. We test for water under floors to make sure no patch is left wet.
If you have a home office full of equipment or vital files and books, do not despair. SERVPRO can liaise with an experienced electronics vendor on your behalf to find out what can be salvaged after a severe water-damaging event. Our technicians can wipe down the casings of electronic devices only. Meanwhile, water damaged files and books are quickly frozen to prevent further damage and then freeze dried using state of the art techniques. These methodologies vary greater, depending on the extent of damage and value of the paper and soft articles and items.
We dry kitchen and laundry room floors using air movers and fans, and we use special equipment to test for hidden damp patches behind appliances or cabinets.
Upstairs, we dry under carpets and beds and send drapes or other soft furnishings to our professional facilities for washing and drying. We remove baseboards and drill holes where necessary to dry behind and under wardrobes and bathroom cabinets, and do not worry – everything is patched up and restored “Like it never even happened.”
Dehumidifiers and air movers can be used in any part of your home to encourage evaporation and reduce the amount of moisture present in the air. We monitor the drying situation at all times and use sensitive testing equipment to ensure every corner of your home is dry.
No matter where water enters your home, SERVPRO of North Durham is on hand to help. Call us at (919) 467-0880 today for assistance.

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Basement Cleanup Exposes Need For Professional Mold Remediation In Durham

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Basement Cleanup Exposes Need For Professional Mold Remediation In Durham Mold Remediation to Cleanup and Keep Out Mold in Durham--Try SERVPRO

SERVPRO is the Logical Solution for Mold Cleanup

Cleanups of the big storage areas in your home are never easy, but some circumstances make the job even more daunting. Uncovering unpleasant surprises like a well-established mold colony are overwhelming, usually bringing the cleanup to a halt. SERVPRO has the highly qualified technicians and cutting edge equipment to take care of a mold problem safely and efficiently.
Your basement is your major storage area, and it is time to do some long-delayed sorting. When you pull the last row of boxes out of a corner, you discover a large area of mold damage. Sitting in your Durham kitchen a few minutes later you decide to weigh your options. You hear so many warnings about mold that you choose to call for professional assistance. We are ready to step in to manage the largest home mold problem within hours of your contacting our office.
SERVPRO assembles a team of workers trained in the specific protocols developed by the Environmental Protection Agency to respond to your needs. You want the mold gone, but the remediation must be done carefully to industry standards for you and your family’s safety, and the well being of our crew, too. Removal of the source of the moisture and water is crucial to a successful remediation.
Our workers don personal protective gear and cordon off the area in the basement where you found mold. We use a negative pressure air scrubber to avoid any particles of the infestation from moving to other areas of your home. Access to your HVAC system should be blocked in the area during our work for the same reason.
The next step is to remove the moldy material. This may include some of the boxes if colonies are growing on the cardboard, a favorite food source for the fungi. We stage the moldy items outside, bagged or covered for proper disposal. The foundation surfaces affected receive an antimicrobial treatment with SERVPRO recommended products, and additional debris on the floor and cross beams are removed with HEPA filter equipped vacuums.
Resist the temptation to complete the sanitizing step as a do it yourself project or to augment our work with an “insurance” application of a homemade anti-mold solution. In particular, stay away from bleach solutions which merely lighten the color of the mold. Over 90 percent water, a bleach spray soaks into cinder block construction and reactivates mold growth.
Mold remediation is a job well done by SERVPRO of North Durham. Give us a call at (919) 467-0880 to arrange for an inspection and development of a plan to remediate your moldy basement.

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Commercial Water Removal Services for Roof Damage in Durham

7/22/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Removal Services for Roof Damage in Durham SERVPRO Helps Keep Your Shop in Durham Open After Water Damage Occurs

SERVPRO Works Fast to Keep Your Shop Open After a Water Damaging Event

Bad weather can cause roof damage in the form of missing shingles, cracked tiles, or poorly attached gutters. Over time, water can come through and compromise the top floor, roof, and even walls. The damage can appear slowly, unnoticeably, and undetected – until it is too late. Needless to say, the results can be devastating to the business.
After a significant weather event, take some time to inspect your roof for water damage. If something does not seem right, SERVPRO can arrive promptly to provide appropriate commercial water removal services for your Durham shop. Our highly trained technicians follow IICRC recommendations to ensure that your business is operational again in no time.
If the water damage reached the ceiling tiles, removing and replacing individual pieces is typically less expensive than drying. Water usually stains tiles and causes them to bow. However, certain types of tiles (such as asphalt) are more resistant to moisture damage than others, and may, therefore, be salvageable. In any case, removing them allows air to circulate and dry the wet areas above.
When scoping the roof for water damage, SERVPRO technicians examine every part of the construction. Did the water affect the roofing material? If so, we undertake the necessary procedure to patch it permanently or replace where necessary. The same process applies to any roof decking material and other structural parts that sustained water damage. There may be instances when a partnered and referred roofer is needed to complete the fixing.
Drying exterior walls can be difficult because of limited air movement. Insulation in wall cavities significantly reduces air circulation, thus extending the drying time. Regardless of this quandary, drying is usually cheaper than removing and replacing drywall or other similar coverings. Besides that, demolishing the walls can cause much more interruption to the building occupants, whether workers, clients, customers, or dwellers. Our air movers, dehumidifiers, heaters, and ancillary equipment can deal with any issues. We may also drill holes in the top and bottom of the walls to facilitate air movement. The faster the circulation, the more rapid the evaporation.
Keeping an eye on your shop can go a long way towards avoiding hefty repair expenses. SERVPRO of North Durham offers 24/7 commercial water removal services and can respond quickly to your emergency. Call us anytime at (919) 467-0880.

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Removing Smoke Odor After a Fire in Your North Durham Home

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Removing Smoke Odor After a Fire in Your North Durham Home Smoke odor can damage your home and it's contents and should be cleaned by a professional.

If you’ve ever accidentally burned your food instead of cooking it, you know first-hand how smoky your home can become. The smoke detector usually goes off, you open the windows, perhaps turn on a fan. Hours later the smoke smell still lingers, sometimes in your hair, or in the clothes you were wearing.

This is what happens on a larger scale when there is a fire in your home. The soot, and smoke embeds itself into your furniture, clothing and other porous items. Some homeowners attempt to remove the smoke odor themselves with consumer grade retails products and spray deodorizers; only to be frustrated when the smell returns. Smoke particles bury themselves into fibers, fabrics, and other porous items and need a professional deep clean in order to remove the lingering odor.

Some items in the home may only be lightly affected and simply need airing out. If items are covered in soot, it is best not to disturb them and allow our certified technicians to complete the job.

Here are some tips you can use before our North Durham technicians arrive onsite:

  • Limit movement in the home to prevent further damage.
  • Place dry, colorfast towels or old linens on carpeted traffic areas to prevent more soiling.
  • If electricity is off, empty the freezer and refrigerator and prop doors open.
  • Wipe soot from chrome on kitchen and bathroom faucets and appliances then protect with a light coating of lubricant.
  • Do not attempt to wash any walls or painted surfaces.
  • Do not attempt to shampoo carpet or upholstered furniture.
  • Do not attempt to clean any electrical appliances that may have been close to fire or water.

After your home is affected by smoke, contact SERVPRO® of North Durham at 919-790-1222, for our smoke odor removal services that will return your home to normal. Like it never even happened.®

5 Signs Your North Durham Home Has A Failing Hot Water Heater

6/2/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage 5 Signs Your North Durham Home Has A Failing Hot Water Heater A failed hot water heater can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your North Durham home.

For most home owners, a hot water heater is one of those set it and forget items. It’s a silent, yet integral part of modern convenience. The average residential hot water heater holds 50 - 80 gallons of water. Unfortunately, when it breaks all of that water soaks into your home potentially causing extensive repairs or in some cases, replacement of contents.

Most homeowners have no idea their hot water heater is near the end of is serviceable life, but here are some red flags to alert you.

Rusty water. This one can be a bit problematic because it could be either the inside of the water heater rusting or it could be your home’s plumbing. You will need contact a professional to determine the difference.

Rumbling Noises. Unfortunately, the water in North Durham is hard. This means there are extra minerals in the water. Over time these minerals solidify into sediment which builds up in your hot water heater. The sediment can weigh down the bottom of the tank and shift around causing your tank to make gurgling or rumbling noises. Investigate noises immediately as this is often a sign that can lead to the unit overworking, or worse future leaks.

Condensation. If your unit has any moisture around it, there is a good chance there is an underlying leak or crack.

Lukewarm Water. If your hot water isn’t as hot as it used to be, or you find your family is frequently running out of hot water, it may be time to replace your unit.

Age. The average lifespan of a hot water is about 10 years. You should have a replacement plan in mind around that time frame ideally, before it breaks in order to prevent damage.

We hope these signs are able to alert you to a failing hot water and you can use them to protect your home before it breaks. If disaster does strike, you local SERVPRO® of North Durham is always here to help.

Grilling Safety Tips for Your North Durham Home

5/25/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Grilling Safety Tips for Your North Durham Home The leading cause of home grilling fires are failure to clean the grill and leaks in gas/propane grills.

For many families, Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of the summer season. Grilling competitions and plenty of family gatherings are on the horizon. This also means the increase for fires. While NFPA cites July as the month with the highest number of outdoor grilling fires, May is the second highest month.

SERVPRO® of North Durham wants you to enjoy yourself and have a safe summer season. Here are some stats, do’s and don’ts for grilling.

Grill Facts

  • July is the peak month for grilling fires.
  • 16,600 people went to the emergency room in 2014 due to grilling related injuries.
  • 19% of all fires are due to a failure to clean the grill.
  • 23% of outside and unclassified grill fires were due to leaks or breaks
  • Gas grills pose a greater fire hazard than charcoal grills.


Use a Grill Indoors

            Even small tabletop grills need to be utilized outside. Grills release the deadly colorless, odorless gas called carbon monoxide. They are also a fire hazard. Only use electric grills marked safe for indoor usage inside.

Turn on the Gas While The Lid Is Closed

            This can cause the gas to build up inside the grill. Once you light the grill and then open it there is the potential for it to explode, causing serious injury.

Overload Your Grill with Food

            While it may be tempting especially when feeding a large gathering, overcrowding the grill with fatty items can cause large fire flares.

Leave the Grill Unattended

            Have all your prep work ready so when you are grilling  you do not have to leave the area. Fires double in size every minute. Catching a fire early is key to keeping it from spreading.


Check for Propane Leaks

            When using your grill for the first time after the winter season, you should check your gas and propane grill for leaks. Simply apply a light soap and water solution to the hose and then turn on the gas. If there is a leak in the hose, the soap solution will bubble. Leaks are also evident by a flame that refuses to light or the smell of gas.

Keep Your Grill Clean

            Dirty grills are one of the leading causes of home grilling fires. Be sure to remove grease and any buildup from the grill and in the tray below the grill. Charcoal grill users should allow the coals to cool completely before disposing of coals and ashes.

Place Your Grill on Stable Ground

            The grill should be level on a flat surface.

Wait to Re-Light

            If the flame goes out, turn off the grill and the gas, then wait a minimum of five minutes before re-lighting it.

Have a Safe And Enjoyable Summer

These home grilling safety tips can help prevent fire, injuries, and damage to property. If disaster does strike, SERVPRO® of North Durham is always here, 24/7.